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Customer Testimonial
Don, Benton, Arkansas

Part: AUT1157-0ER-014V

I have a '69 Chevy pickup and installed the 1157 replacement bulbs in 2000. The improvement over the incandescent bulbs is beyond comparison. I enjoy knowing that those behind me can notice the brightness and the quick action that they exhibit.

The knowledge that they come on more quickly and offer me a degree of safety, is a good feeling. I was slow to tell people what I had spent on them, at the time, knowing that those of us "down South" don't generally get into the finer aspects of technology on older vehicles. I am proud to tell people where I got these bulbs and will be getting a set for the rear of my '96 GMC pickup.

The comparison between the LEDtronic bulbs and those from APC, for instance, is moot...there is NOTHING in the comparison to note, save for the inferior quality and poor lighting that the APC brand offers.

"You pays your money and takes your chances" we like to say. More money isn't always more money in the big picture. It certainly isn't the case with LEDtronics.

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