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LED Floodlight Outdoor Area Lights

LED technology is increasingly being used in area lighting applications due to its longer life and energy-saving qualities. A LEDtronics LED Flood light will last up to 50,000 hours and significantly reduce light pollution. A LEDtronics LED Street Light will also be better equipped to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures than an incandescent light, which makes it suited for outdoor use. Moreover, LED lights have instantaneous on/off startup times. They never flicker on and use no ballast. Whether you’re looking for lamps for acorn lights, globe lights, carriage lights, post-modern-style lights, or cobrahead streetlights post top lamps, you’ll find the LED solution for your needs at LEDtronics. Our LED light selection includes luminaires, floodlights, A19 Edison screw based lamps, obstruction/warning bulbs, and more. Choose LED products from LEDtronics today and experience the future of light!

LED Flood Light, High Power, Wall-Pak Security Luminaire

Wall-, Ceiling-Mount 100-277VAC

LED Flood Light, Compact, Wall-Pack Security Luminaire

Wall-, Ceiling-Mount 100-277VAC

Canopy/Garage Wall Surface Security Luminaire

100VAC to 277VAC

LED Flood Light, 184×225mm, Adjustable, Spot & Flood
12/14VDC & 90-264VAC

LED Flood Light, 184×225mm, Adjustable, Spot & Flood

LED Ceiling/Garage Hanging Luminaire, 16inch diameter


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