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Light Sensor for Daylight Harvesting

Bracket and (2) Screws for Attachment to HBL005 Series High Bay Luminaires

IP20 (for use when sheltered from wet environments)

Determines when sunlight or other ambient light source allows the Luminaire to proportionally reduce output.

Part #:
DescriptionSensor reduces Luminaire's
intensity, conserves power
during ambient daylight lighting.
5 Year LEDtronics US Factory Warranty

  • 5 Year LEDtronics Warranty
  • When connected to an HBL005 Luminaire, and that Luminaire is placed in an environment that has supplementing daylight ambient lighting, the Sensor allows the Luminaire to reduce its light intensity output and conserve power.
  • As supplementing daylight decreases through the day, the Sensor activates the Luminaire to increase its light output.
  • 30+ Years LEDtronics Design & Manufacturing

Daylight Sensor Specifications
  • 5 Year LEDtronics Warranty
  • Model: HBL005-KIT-DL-01
  • Input voltage: 1 to 10 Vdc
  • Max current sink: 50mA (Maximum rating)
  • Dimming range: 1% to 100%
  • Color coding of cable: Red+, Black-
  • Cable length: 31.5 in. [80 cm]
  • Detection angle: 90°
  • Size: [0.85in. (w) 2.73in. (h)]
  • [21.47 (w) 69.3mm (h)]
  • Operating temp.: 32°F to 122°F [0°C to +50°C]
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Type of installation: Recessed mounting
  • 30+ Years LEDtronics Design & Manufacturing
  • For environments where ambient daylight provides a light source that may increase or decrease throughout the day. The Luminaire conserves power as it supplements the existing ambient light.
  • When the Sensor's potentiometer light setting is adjusted to provide the desired amount of light in addition to existing ambient light, the Sensor will increase or decrease the amount of Luminaire light in relation to decreasing or increasing ambient light.
  • Applications for rooms and bays that have an external source of daylight through windows or bay openings but need supplementary lighting during darker times of day.
  • Can operate with motion-sensing Light Switch Controller HBL005-KIT-MW-01 to allow Luminaire shut-off when motion sensor does not detect occupancy or Luminaire turn-on when it detects occupancy.
  • Sensor may be located where exposed to damp conditions, but not wet environments.


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