Surface Mount (SMT) LED
Quality / Reliability Test Data
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Quality Control and Assurance
1. Sampling Plan
U.S Department of Defense MIL-STD-105D Level II (single sampling plans)
2. Inspection Items and Criterions for Judgments
Measuring Methods for Light Emitting Diodes (No. 11830) and Light Emitting Diodes (No. 11829).  Stipulated by Ministry of Economical Affairs of R.O.C. and by reference to Q.C. standards prevailing in prominent LED plants worldwide.
3. Reliability Tests
General Provisions for Environmental Tests of CNS-Categorized Electronic Parts, 3623--3634, 11233--11238, and U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD-750 specifications
Test Item Test Conditions
 Operation Life Test LED connected to a source of power and charged with 20mA at room temperature (25C) for 1000 hours
 Temperature Cycle Test
 -35C ~  +25C RH = 80% ~  +85C RH = 80% as 1 cycle.
  60min.  20 min.  60 min.
 The duration of the test shall be for 5 complete cycles
 Thermal Shock Test LED placed in a chamber (-35C) for 20 minutes, temperature increased instantaneously to +85C for 20 minutes.  The duration of the test shall be for 10 complete cycles.  (MIL-STD-202:107D)
 High-Temperature Storage Test Ta = +85C 5C RH = 50%   Test Time: 1000 hours
 Low-Temperature Storage Test Ta = -35C 5C   Test Time: 1000 hours
 Humidity Storage Test Ta = +65C 5C RH = 95%   Test Time: 1000 hours
 Solderability Test Preheating: 140C -- 160C, within 2 minutes.
Operation heating: 235C (maximum), within 10 seconds (maximum)

The measuring terms after test and failure criteria as follows:
Measuring Terms Failure Criteria
Luminous Intensity (Iv) Lower Standard Limit 0.5
Forward Voltage (Vf) Lower Standard Limit 1.2
Reverse Current (Ir) Lower Standard Limit 2.0