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LED Turtle Friendly High Power Lighting

Approved by Florida's F&WCC Wildlife Lighting Certification Program

For use in areas where artificial lighting is needed adjacent to ecologically sensitive areas, sea turtle nesting beaches, migratory corridors, and Dark Sky Friendly communities

Emerging Green Technology Only 30W of Power Consumed

Typical Mounting Height: 14-20 feet
Part #:
Super Orange  
Wavelength (nm)
Voltage (V)100~277Vac
Power (Watts)29.9 W
Current (Amps)0.257 A
Operating Temp-22°F to +122°F, IP65
Power Factor0.97
Intensity (Candela)1357 cd
Lumens1438 lm
Viewing Angle45° by 2×45°@±20°
Illum PttrnType III (Asymm)
Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)
5 Year LEDtronics US Factory Warranty
ARRA Compliant USA Made
ETL Listed

  • 5 Year LEDtronics Warranty
  • ETL Listed
  • When the luminaire's light is downward directed in a manner that has minimal intrusion into sea turtle nesting beaches, migratory corridors, and Dark Sky Friendly communities, it meets the criteria of the Wildlife Lighting Certification Program
  • ARRA Compliant, Made in USA
  • Very Low Power Consumption: Only 30 Watts
  • Solid-state: High Shock / Vibration Resistant
  • Input Power Surge Protection: 40kA Varistor
  • Long Life: Colored LEDs Last for 100,000+ Hours of Continuous Operation
  • Less Weight: Luminaire Weighs Only 24 lbs as Compared to 39-42 lbs Conventional Lighting
  • Optimized Circuitry: Power Factor Corrected for Maximum Efficiency
  • Instant-On: No Delay in Re-Strike
  • Super Intensity: 1,357 Footcandles
  • Full Cutoff with Spectral Output Between 570nm and 750nm
  • 30+ Years LEDtronics Design & Manufacturing
  • For use where light is needed adjacent to ecologically sensitive areas
  • Beachside Pole Lights
  • Lighted Walkway Bollards
  • Building External Doorway Lighting
  • Lighting in Coastal Environments
  • Any Area Where Turtle-Friendly Area Lighting Is Needed
Available Options
Mounting accessories must be purchased with lamps and cannot be sold separately.