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Energy–Saving LED LIGHTS

Posted 11-JAN-11

LEDtronics®, a designer and manufacturer of energy–saving LED lighting products, has completed an eco–friendly pendant lighting project at the Pasadena Central Library that will save the city thousands of dollars, according to city officals.

“Every light at the library that we replaced was using 900 watts of ballasted power consumption and we reduced that by nearly 90 percent,” says Pervaiz Lodhie, CEO of LEDtronics. “Not only does the LED lighting in the pendant fixtures save on power but because of the low heat they generate, they also save on air–conditioning costs.”

The historical pendant lighting fixtures located in the main common areas of the library were important for the library to retain. Consultation with LEDtronics (Torrance, CA), developed into a high–power LED cluster design for retrofit into the pendant fixtures, which was successfully implemented without compromising the library’s historical integrity.

The library’s 900–watt, energy–inefficient metal–halide lighting was replaced in each pendant fixture by a 95–watt LED cluster product.

The major concern for the Pasadena Central Library and the City was to reduce burdensome maintenance and power consumption costs as well as to improve the quality of lighting. Since the old metal–halide bulbs were buried within the library fixture’s pendant bowl, most of their lumen production was being dampened, and what light intensity was left was inefficiently bouncing off the upper reflector surface of the pendant fixture to create ambient lighting for the library patron areas. By having the newly installed 95–watt LED cluster of light project upwards from the top of the pendant bowl directly into the upper reflector surface, the library actually achieved higher task area footcandle measurements than with the use of the old bulbs.

In addition, there was a 17–watt LED lamp placed at the top of the pendant fixtures to produce required up–lighting to the high ceiling above the pendant lamps. Most importantly, beyond the increased lighting performance, the City is able to save 788 watts for each of 30 reworked pendant fixtures. For the library’s weekly hours of operation, that equates to approximately 50,000 KwH in annual energy savings just for the pendant lamps.

Moreover, the City of Pasadena points out that the high cost of maintaining the hard–to–reach suspended fixtures is virtually eliminated, as the old metal–halide bulbs and ballasts no longer need to be replaced on a continuing basis. This represents an additional annual savings of thousands of dollars for periodic bulb and ballast replacement that the City would otherwise need to schedule.

The City of Pasadena decided on the project partly due to the success of the LEDtronics–manufactured LED ceiling panels installed two and a half years ago in the downstairs document room at the library. Close observation has shown that there has been no diminishment of LED light intensity since that time.

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