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LEDtronics, Inc. Warranty Standards
White LED Longevity

LEDtronics lighting products using 5mm white LEDs:
    Lumen maintenance greater than 70% at 35,000 hours of operation*

LEDtronics lighting products using new technology high-power white LEDs:
    Lumen maintenance greater than 70% at 50,000 hours of operation*

*Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis
  Products or Product Family Group Warranty
  Clearance Sale Items 6 Month Limited Warranty. See Clearance Items Terms & Conditions
Architectural Based LED Bulbs PARs, R, MR11, MR16, GU10, GU24 Décor, Chandeliers, T6, T7, T10, BeaconLED, Custom LED Bulbs 3 Year
Automotive LED Bulbs 3 Year
Automotive Load Resistor 1 Year
15mm SC Bayonet Single-Side, Right-Angle 3 Year
15mm SC Bayonet, Double-Side, Right-Angle 3 Year
15mm DC Bayonet, Single-Side, Right-Angle 3 Year
Low Cost LED Auto Bulbs 1 Year
Circuit Board PCB LEDs 1 Year
Consumer / Safety LED Products & Solar Power Products Including Solar Ground Markers, Safety Vests, Solar Lanterns, Flashing Red Bike Lights, Candles, Flashlights, Decorative Light Strings, LED Grow/Plant Bars 1 Year
Solar Panels Monocrystalline Cell Panels
2 Year (Full)
10 Year (Limited)
Solar Panels Photo-Voltaic Power Modules 2 Year
Solar-Powered LED 12-Volt Lighting System 1 Year
Solar Panel Charging Controller with Timer 1 Year
LED Bulb for Obstruction/Hazard/Barricade 3 Year
LED Minature-Wedge Decorative Lamps 3 Year
LED Decorative C9 Bulbs 3 Year
LED Light Bulbs, For Malibu Style Garden Light 3 Year
Darkroom & Safelight LED Bulbs 3 Year
S6-Size LED Nightlight Bulbs 3 Year
Discrete LEDs 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, Big Dome (20mm), Rectangular / Square/ Flashing LEDs, IR & Ultraviolet LEDs, RGB 5mm LEDs, RGB Cube, SMT RGB LEDs, OptiLED™ Light Pipes" 1 Year
Exit Sign LED Lamps Kits 5 Year
Miniature LED Lamps 3 Year
Panel-Mount Lamps and Holders RPLH, Low Cost, Sunlight Visible, & Relampable Styles 3 Year
LED T8 Tube Lights 5 Year
CFL Style bulbs 3 Year
LED T8 Fixtures 2 Year
LED Light Tubes, Low Voltage 12 Vdc 5 Year
LED Street Lights, Street & Roadway Lights, Cobrahead, LED Street Light Modules, Shoebox Area & Parking Lot Lights, Canopy & Parking Garage Lights 5 Year
LED Wall Packs Security Lighting 5 Year
LED Area / Flood Lighting 3 Year
LED Post Top Lamps, LED Acorn Bulbs, Walkway Lights 5 Year
LED Outdoor Beacon, for Bridges, Tunnels, 180° Beam 3 Year
LED Intermediate Based Bulbs, Ba15D, Ba15S Base, Single & Dual Contact 15mm Bayonet base, R12 Style, 17mm Screw Base 3 Year
LED Railroad Marker Light Replacement Module 3 Year
Railroad and Transportation LED Lighting 3 Year
LED Traffic Lights, 8 & 12 inch Traffic Light Balls and Arrows 5 Year
LED Neon Rope & LED Path Lighting 1 Year
SPT301 2–LED to 6–LED Light Bars 1 Year
STP3xxC and STP5xxC Connectable LED 6“, 12“ and 24“ Light Bars 3 Year
LED Elevator Lighting 3 Year
LED High Bay Lighting, High Power Luminaire 5 Year
High Power White LED Canopy Light, Outdoor Fixture 5 Year
LED Parking Garage Lights 5 Year
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