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DC Dimmer, DC to DC for LED Lighting Products
From 5Vdc to 40Vdc, Up to 2Amps (Continuous)
Miniature Four-Wire Dimmer
Patent # US 7,102,902,B1
  • Mode of Operation: Microprocessor controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) giving 0 to 100% control of brightness.
  • Supply Voltage: 5 to 40 VDC (working).
  • Power Capacity: 2A @ 5-40VDC is standard.
  • Output Voltage Range: From zero to essentially supply voltage.
  • Continuous Output Current: (2 Amps) Full rated current up to 105ºF (40ºC) ambient.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 32º F (0ºC) to 122ºF (50ºC)
  • Load Types: Optimized for LED devices. Drives most resistive loads. Not for use with inductive devices (motors etc.).
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Input leads can be reverse connected without damage up to 40V.
  • Transient Protection: MOV protected.
  • Size: Basic size is 2.3" (58mm) long by 1.9" (48mm) wide by 1.1" (28mm) high (excluding knob) in an industry-standard hockey puck configuration.
  • Weight: Basic weight is about 3.8 oz. [108g]
  • Line Regulation: Directly proportional to supply voltage.
  • Voltage Drift: Nil with steady input voltage.
  • Power Dissipation of Drive Circuitry: Less than 0.7W. No-load current draw is 10-15mA.

Warranty and Disclaimer:  
Two Year Warranty.
Do not use this product as a critical component in life
support devices or systems, aircraft, or for other hazardous

LED-DIMMER Series   DC Dimmer, DC to DC for LED Lighting Products

Dimensions in inches [mm]
LED-Dimmer as Integrated into a Typical Wiring Diagram

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Input Voltage: 5VDC-40VDC
Output Voltage: 0 to full on
Maximum Output Load: 2 Amps or 24 Watts
Minimum No-Load Current: 10mA-15mA

Miniature LED Dimmer (four-wire) for Panel, Rack or Stand Alone Installation
  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
Light Output Per LED
Ιv, cd
Circuit Voltage
Circuit Voltage
( PND)
Click For Volume Discount Thru Distributor5Vdc-40Vdc0 to full on2 Amps or 24 Watts10mA-15mA

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Dimming Range: 0-100% of Input
  • Input Voltage: Any DC Voltage between 5VDC and 40VDC
  • Output Voltage: Continuously adjustable between zero and full-on
  • Minimal no-load current (10-15mA)
  • Can drive up to 2000 Standard White LEDs or 50 High-Flux LEDS
  • Industry-standard hockey puck package
  • PWM design generates very minimal heat
  • Encapsulated design resists vibration.
  • Setting is retained during power failure.
  • Easy to wire: Simple screw terminals
  • Efficiency is approx. 95% at most settings, to minimize waste heat and save battery power.
  • Control up to 2A maximum.
  • No configuration needed when used with any Voltage between 5V,and 40V (batteries or DC power supplies). Just plug in and go.
  • DC Dimming of LEDs: Lamps, Bulbs, RopeLEDs Clusters, Panels. Any DC LED product from 5VDC-40VDC up to 2 Amps.
  • Adjustable mobile lighting: Unit can run on batteries, no AC needed and light can be adjusted (dimmed) to maximize battery life.
  • Use instead of power dropping resistors to minimize heat generation and allow fine adjustment of light output.
  • For Panel or Rack installation or Stand-alone use.
  • One unit can dim the supply power for an entire lighting channel.
  • Use to adjust RGB LED lamps to adjust the ratios of Red Green and Blue for truest white color. Also for White LEDs since PWM dimming does not shift the color temperature.
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