Blanket Certification of RoHS Compliance

LEDtronics, Inc.® certifies that products designated RoHS Compliant meet the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2011/65/EU. This certification covers Discrete LED’s, Surface Mount SMT LED’s, PCB Products, and a variety of assemblies and products to be compliant throughout 2013.

Any product identified as “RoHS” in our product description is deemed RoHS compliant as determined by our component manufacturers and independent testing when available. We have obtained and will continue to obtain “Certificates of Compliance” from our supplier base indicating component conformance to the Directive. LEDtonics, to the best of its ability, certifies that all items indicated by “RoHS” following its product description are compliant to the Directive. LEDtronics further certifies that restricted substances are not knowingly added to the final products.

Click Here to see a web page of LEDtronics, Inc.® products that are currently RoHS compliant. This directory will be updated as required to supply the most current data to our customers. Due to the high volume of complex spread sheets; LEDtronics, Inc.® will not complete customer-supplied documentation. Our web site will be the only location to determine if specific part numbers are RoHS compliant. Customers unable to locate a product for which they require RoHS compliance are requested to contact your LEDtronics sales representative for assistance.

LEDtronics, Inc.® Surface Mount SMT LED’s, Circuit Board PCB LED’s and Discrete LED’s considered as individual components formed into a single manufactured electrical or optical part; therefore, the maximum threshold value is based upon the aggregate weight of each product.

Substance Threshold
Cd (Cadmium) 100 PPM
Pb (Lead) 1000 PPM
Hg (Mercury) 1000 PPM
Cr6+ (Hexavalent Chromium) 1000 PPM
PBBs (Polybrominated Biphenyls) 1000 PPM
PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) 1000 PPM

All LEDtronics, Inc.® SMT products are suitable for use in typical lead free soldering applications. Heating should not exceed 4°C per second and held at 140 to 160°C for 2 minutes. The continuation of heating shall not exceeding 4°C per second, to 260°C. Temperature above 245°C shall not to exceed 30 seconds maximum. The maximum temperature should be 255°C ±5°C. Maximum cooling is 6°C per second, no quenching allowed. ( See Recommended SMT Solder Profile below ).

Disclaimer: This RoHS compliance statement is, to the best of LEDtronics, Inc.® knowledge, accurate as to the date shown on this page. As some of the information is based upon data provided from sources outside of LEDtronics, Inc.®, we make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of such information. LEDtronics, Inc.® continues to work toward obtaining valid and certifiable third party information, but has not necessarily conducted analytical or chemical analyses on all materials or purchased components. In no event shall LEDtronics, Inc.®’s liability exceed the purchase price paid by the customer.

The date code in is defined as the RoHS compliance date as month-date-year. 

I.e. <RoHS112906> means that this product was Lab Certified, RoHS compliant as of Nov. 29, 2006
       <RoHSVC112906> means that this product was Vendor Certified, RoHS compliant as of Nov. 29, 2006 
Please note that product ordered and shipped after the RoHS compliance date will only be RoHS compliant if the customer has requested so.
To verify a product for RoHS Compliance, Ledtronics will need the part number, your purchase order number, date of purchase and Ledtronics sales order number, if available.

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