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Thinking Green with LED Bulbs and LED Lights
LEDtronics Mission Statement: To Replace Energy Wasting Lighting with World Class Environmentally Responsible LED Bulbs and Products.

LEDtronics Architectural Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Products

Thinking Green with LED Bulbs and LED Lights

Since 1983 LEDtronics has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps as direct replace to incandescent bulbs. We satisfy our customers by delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality. We also strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in terms of responsiveness with new designs to meet their future lighting requirements.

Our rugged LED bulbs last 100,000 hours, over ten years, which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs because LEDs are virtually immune to shock and vibration. Our LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity (LED lamps use 80% to 90% less energy then the incandescent lamps they replace) necessary to light an incandescent bulb; they significantly reduce power consumption to help achieve energy conservation goals. LED bulbs also remain cool so there is no excessive heat buildup, which can influence building air conditioning costs. At LEDtronics we pride ourselves on being known as the world's leading supplier of innovative direct incandescent replacement LED Bulbs, lamps, clusters and arrays. As you are aware, energy conservation and lowered electrical costs have become a way of life in the 21st century.

Why LED Bulbs:

  • Last an average of 100,000 hours (or about ten years). 50,000 hours for White LEDs
  • Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps.
  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Are 10 to 50 times more energy-efficient, thus reducing your operating costs by up to 90%.
  • Produce little to no heat, cool to the touch, so they are safer then traditional lighting products
Our Product Samples
High Power MR16 TrackLED™ Spotlight White LED Bulbs
Works on Clean or Noisy AC or DC 12Volt-to-24Volt Power Supply
Series MR16

Only 1.5Watts to 5.0Watts Energy Used
Post Top bulbs
LED Decorative Post Top, Pendant & Bollard Lamps

Only 2.5Watts to 7Watts Energy Used
Fixed-Intensity PAR and R-Style LED bulbs
PAR38 & R20-Style

Only 2.5Watts Energy Used
Roadway Streetlight
LED Area Street Lighting

Only 2.5Watts Energy Used
T8 Tube Lights
Series LED Strip Lights

Only 0.48watts to 8.5Watts Energy Used
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