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The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Lights of America Inc. this week alleging false performance claims for some of the company's LED light bulbs.

FTC vs. Lights of America
Release date: September 10, 2010


For over 28 years LEDtronics has designed, manufactured and sold high quality LED products to a multitude of market places. During that time frame we have always stated our performance claims honestly based on validation by testing done on the outside, internal or a combination of both. In the recent years as the Architectural Market place has started to embrace LED technology as a viable lighting product we have had thousands of new competitors flooding the market place with cheap products and making phenomenal performance claims. As you can see from the attached article regarding the law suit filed by the Federal Trade Commission against Lights of America not all of these cheap products with fantastic performance claims live up to those claims. While the LEDtronics LED products may be more expensive than almost all of the products you see coming in from offshore the one thing you can be assured of is that the performance claims that we make on our products come from being a company that has been manufacturing LED products for over 28 years. Many of these new companies are maybe a few months to a couple of years old and are still trying to figure out all of the design principals that LEDtronics has been using for almost 3 decades. LEDtronics is a proven company with tried and proven products that have been and are continued to be used by fortune 500 companies all over the world. Don't let yourselves be fooled by cheap imposters.


Read full story: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ftc-lights-lawsuit-20100909,0,1953538.story
FTC law link:http://ftc.gov/os/caselist/0923145/100908lightsamericacmpt.pdf


Maser Communications Dialight SafeSite illumination fixtures

MASER Communications
Release date: April 27, 2009


MASER Communications is now distributing Dialight SafeSite illumination fixtures which are suitable for use on coal mine sites.


Maser Communications says Dialight has recently installed its equipment at a petroleum refinery in the US, which allowed the hazardous location facility to improve its overall lighting, to reduce its energy consumption and to access additional business and operational benefits by replacing its traditional lighting with LED fixtures.

The Dialight SafeSite illumination fixture reduces light pollution because they utilise the latest LED technology with proprietary optics designed to focus light directionally so that they illuminate only the required area, such as straight walkways, avoiding adjacent and upward light spill.


Read full story: http://www.miningcoal.com.au/Article/Maser-Communications-Dialight-SafeSite-illumination-fixtures/478789.aspx


Daily Giz Wiz 824

C Crane Z-Bar Desk Lamp
Release date: May 6, 2009 (Episode 823; Hosts: Dick DeBartolo with Leo Laporte)


Light up your work space with the beautiful Z-BAR LED Desk Lamp from C Crane.


Read full story: http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/daily-giz-wiz-824-c-crane-z-bar-desk-lamp/17788409


Live Design - Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics Projects 75% Of Commercial Lighting to be LED-Based by 2030
Release date: April 20, 2007


As people around the US prepare to recognize Earth Day on April 22, Color Kinetics Inc (NASDAQ: CLRK) is emphasizing the role that new lighting technology will play in mitigating energy strain, projecting that at least 75% of commercial lighting in the US will be produced by energy-efficient LED sources by 2030*.


LEDs already deliver four times the efficiency of traditional incandescent and halogen light sources, while rapidly gaining ground on fluorescent and offering numerous benefits above and beyond all three.


The role of lighting as a chief energy drain and contributor to global warming has garnered international attention in recent weeks, including news of industry initiatives, incentives and even proposed legislation to ban inefficient incandescent sources. The Earth Day Network, official organizers of the annual event, proclaimed 2007 "the beginning of the end of the inefficient incandescent."


Though public attention has centered on the impact of replacing incandescent sources with compact fluorescent (CFL) in residential lighting, with today's prediction Color Kinetics is emphasizing the need to tackle inefficiencies in commercial lighting—which is accountable for much higher energy consumption overall than lighting in homes.


Read full story: http://livedesignonline.com/news/color_kinetics_projects_75percent_of_commercial_lighting_ledbased_by_2030/


Nichia and USA LED Sign Supplier Enter into Agreement

Release date: April 29, 2009


Nichia and General Led/AgiLight have entered into an agreement whereby AgiLight will utilize Nichia's white LEDs for its ThinRayz and ThinRayz Extra product line. General LED/AgiLight has chosen Nichia as its preferred supplier for a range of new white LED products currently under development, as a result of evaluating their world-class white LED products, coupled with Nichia's strong patent portfolio and clear leadership in the LED industry.


Read full story: http://www.ledinside.com/aggregator/categories/2?page=23


4.3 GHz Record Set With LET

Release date: June 17, 2009


Researchers have constructed a light-emitting transistor that has set a new record with a signal-processing modulation speed of 4.3 gigahertz, breaking the previous record of 1.7 gigahertz held by a light-emitting diode.


But, the researchers didn’t stop there. By internally connecting the base and collector of a light-emitting transistor, they created a new form of light-emitting diode, which modulates at up to 7 gigahertz, breaking the speed record once again.


In a pair of papers published in the June 15 issue of Applied Physics Letters, researchers at the University of Illinois (U.I.) and at U.I. licensee Quantum Electro Opto Systems in Melaka, Malaysia, report the fabrication and testing of the new high-speed light-emitting transistor and the new “tilted-charge” light-emitting diode.


Read full story: http://www.photonics.com/Content/ReadArticle.aspx?ArticleID=38161&refer=LasersLEDNewsletter&utm_source=LasersLEDNewsletter_2009_6_25&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LasersLEDNewsletter


Philips Lumileds Announces Breakthrough in Light Output and Temperature Stability with Luxeon Rebel Amber LEDs

Philips Lumileds
Release date: July 1, 2009


Philips Lumileds today announced immediate availability of its breakthrough LUXEON Rebel phosphor converted amber (PC Amber) LED. The new LUXEON Rebel sets performance standards for color stability and light output performance. Users will see 2-5 times more light output and dramatically less color shift compared to typical amber LEDs. LUXEON Rebel PC Amber delivers typical flux of 70 lumens at 350mA. This performance enables solution and application providers to reduce the number of LEDs used, the cost per lumen, overall system costs, and simplify the solution manufacturing process.


Read full story: http://www.philipslumileds.com/newsandevents/releases/PR115.pdf

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