• Sakata Motorsport Electronics
    Our LED High Bay, Thin Panel & Canopy Lighting illuminating this modern, beautiful facility
  • Laundromat Thin Panel Lighting
    LEDtronics sleek, modern-design DLC-Listed LED Thin Panel Lights brighten up this beautiful laundromat.
  • Orchestra Pit LED Lighting
    Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra with Music Director Edo de Waart. Opera production of "Così fan tutte." Right-angle LED T10 Lamps.
  • LED Shoeboxes - Before & After
    TREMENDOUS increase in visibility after installing our LED SBX Series Shoeboxes in a Street Light application!
  • Manufacturing Facility Lighting
    Side-by-side of our LED High Bay Fixtures installed on the right compared to old lighting on the left.

LEDtronics and its founder are responsible for creating the foundation of the LED industry, and are the pioneers of designing, manufacturing and packaging LED lighting products of unrivaled performance and value for industries and customers of all kinds, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Since 1983, Torrance, California-based LEDtronics has been the unparalleled "Problem Solver" for LED lighting solutions   Read More

Lighting knowLEDge 101


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LED Lighting Seminar

We're hosting a FREE seminar on LED Lighting at the LEDtronics facility in Torrance, California!

Date / Time:
Date: July 28, 2016
Starting Time: 9:30AM PT
Ending Time: 1:00PM PT

CLICK HERE to find out more and SIGN UP to attend!

New LED Lighting News Release

LEDtronics DLC-Listed LED High Bay Fixtures are a Perfect Solution for any Bay Lighting Application!

TORRANCE, Calif., May 9, 2016 LEDtronics® - announces our brand new DLC-Listed LED High Bay Fixtures! Theyre on the DLC list of approved products, making them eligible for rebates! If youre looking for a classic High Bay look with the energy savings of LED, look no further!

LEDtronics HBL003DL series come in a Wide Beam and a Medium Beam! The High Bays come in a range of wattages that only consume 100 to 300 watts, but replace HID lights of 250 all the way up to 1000 watts! The Wide Beam comes in 120, 150 and 200 watts, while the Medium Beam comes in 100, 240, and 300 watts. The lumen output of this LED High Bay series ranges from 9,061 lm all the way up to 23,587 lm!

These DLC-Listed LED High Bay Fixtures are ideal for such applications as Factory Floors, Warehouses, Big-Box Stores, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Convention Centers, Parking Garages, Gymnasiums, Indoor Arenas, Libraries and many more!

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LED Lighting MYTHS EXPOSED! Episode 1: Is Ballast-Ready the best way to go?

We all know that LEDs don't need a ballast to operate, but more and more big lighting companies are aggressively insisting that ballast-ready led lighting is the only way to go.

This is simply not true. The only reason these self-proclaimed "led experts"-who've only been doing led lighting for a few years, by the way-are pushing Ballast-Ready because they sell ballasts and have a big inventory of ballast-ready products, so of course they'd want to shove ballast-ready in your face! It makes them more money!

But guess what they won't tell you. Ballast ready led lighting actually costs you more money!

How? Well ballast ready or not, ballasts will eventually fail.

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Thank you to Clara Garcia and her 30 years of service with Ledtronics!

LEDtronics is thrilled to celebrate and congratulate CLARA GARCIA for 30 YEARS of service to the company!

Clara began work with LEDtronics THREE DECADES ago, which was only a few years after the company was founded in 1983!

Thank you, Clara, for your years and years of hard work! You are truly a member of the LEDtronics Family!

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