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LEDtronics Catalog & Literature Page
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LEDtronics Catalog & Design Guides

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Comprehensive Product Catalog Comprehensive Product Catalog

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Showcasing the full collection of all LEDtronics' latest LED Indicators, LED Indoor Lighting, and LED Outdoor Lighting.

Comprehensive Product Catalog LED Lamps & Indicator Bulbs

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Featuring some of LEDtronics’ most popular LED Indicator Lamps and Bulbs. Products such as Miniature & Intermediate Based Bulbs, Panel Indicators, Machine Status Lamps, SMD & Discrete LEDs, PC Board LEDs , and more.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Products LEDtronics Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Products

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Featuring some of LEDtronics’ best-selling Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting products. Products such as Tube Lights, High Bays, Flat Panels, Post Tops, Wall Packs, Canopy Lights, and more.

LED Product Categories LEDtronics LED Product Categories

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Summary of the various different product categories we offer in LED Indicators Bulbs & Lamps and General LED Lighting.

Miniature Based LED Bulbs Miniature Based LED Bulbs

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View our wide selection of Miniature Based LED Bulbs and Lamps. Available with midget flange base, bayonet base, midget wedge base, telephone slide base, or candelabra screw base. They’re ideal for applications like industrial controls, elevators, power plants, military/aerospace, & all general indicators.

LED Panel Mount Indicators Panel Mount Indicators

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See our snap-in/bolt-on style Panel Mount Indicators. They’re perfect for control panels, visual factory controls, and industrial vehicle indicators. Ranging from indicators like Top Hat Lens, Low Profile Flat Lens, Dome Lens, Hooded Dome Lens, and Conical Dome Lens.

Relampable LED Panel Indicators Relampable LED Panel Indicators

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Browse LEDtronics’ Relampable LED Panel Indicators wide range of diameters, dome shapes, and designs that are a perfect fit for your application, including Pilot Lights, Bi-pin Cartridge, Low-profile Lens, Standard Rear/Front Mount, and many more.

Intermediate Based LED Bulbs Intermediate Based LED Bulbs

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View our long-life Intermediate Based LED Bulbs, such as Machine Status Indicators, T5 Tube bulbs, Appliance/Exit Sign bulbs, Elevator Ceiling Spotlights, Right-angle Bulbs, Utility Bulbs, and more.

Discrete LEDs Discrete LEDs

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See our wide selection of premium quality Discrete LEDs. Single-Color, Bi-Color, Tri-Color & Sunlight-visible configurations available in a full spectrum of colors. Round-domed, Square or Rectangular shapes. 1.8mm, 3mm or 5mm; Single or Multi-Chip.

Machine Status Indicators Machine Status Indicators

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LEDtronics’ Machine Status Indicators are compact T5 tube bulbs that fit in enclosed fixtures and tight spaces. They are available in various colors & bases (E12, E14, E17), as well as other voltages.

PCB LED Indicators Printed Circuit Board LED Indicators

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View our large catalog of PCB LED indicators. Available in 1.8mm, 3mm, 5mm, 1.8x3.9mm, and 1.8x5mm lengths, and single-color, mixed-color and bi-color choices. Right-angled arrays, vertical arrays, and bargraph modules, and selection of single LED, bi-level, tri-level, quad-level sizes.