LED Street Lighting

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'Cobrahead' Street Lights

These LED street light fixtures were designed to have the traditional 'cobrahead' look for street lighting. They are ideal for such applications as streets & highways, parking areas, driveways & walkways, parks, playground, and more! The series can be 'Made in the USA'!

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Modular Street Lights

Modular Street Lights

These dimmable LED street lights feature a modern, modular design and IESNA Type III light pattern to offer you the right amount of light needed for your application! Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, these fixtures are ideal for streets & highways, parking areas, driveways & walkways, parks, playground, and more!

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Street Light Retrofits

Street Light Retrofits

These right-angled 'paddle' style LED lamps are perfect to be retrofitted into almost any existing cobrahead, shoebox, canopy, flood, or wall pack fixture! They are extremely energy-efficient, very easy to install, and as affordable an option as you can find! They feature an E39 Mogul base, and are ideal for outdoor & covered parking areas, driveway & walkway lighting, security flood lighting, and much more!

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<span style="color: red;">Low Voltage</span> Street Lights

Low Voltage Street Lights

For the applications that might be in remote areas without an electrical grid, or just someone looking to use green technology solar power, we offer our street and area lights in low voltage, 12-24Vdc! When using solar energy, there is no more perfect pairing than our low wattage, low voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting!

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