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Commercial and Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting

Lighting for commercial and industrial facilities consumes vast amounts of energy and funds. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that up to 17% of the electricity that commercial buildings consume in the United States goes toward lighting, the highest percentage of commercial electricity use except for the category labeled "other."

But outdoor industrial LED lighting and indoor commercial LED lighting offer efficient solutions to costly power usage, helping businesses and industrial facilities reduce their energy consumption and operating costs. And LED lighting provides a host of other advantages as well, from increased security to reduced light pollution.

Below, we'll discuss some types of outdoor LED lighting, lay out their uses and explain some of the benefits they provide.

Types of Outdoor LED Lighting

Exterior LED lighting fixtures come in a variety of different types:

  • Shoebox area lights: Shoebox area lights offer either a blade-shaped or boxy design to illuminate outdoor areas like parking lots or storage facilities. Many LED shoebox lighting fixtures can be programmed to detect motion and daylight, so they can turn on to provide helpful illumination and turn off when no one is around or when the sun rises.
  • Post top/pendant lamps: LED post top lamps and pendant lamps typically screw into an existing pillar or overhead fixture, and they feature LEDs on all sides so they can cast illumination in every direction. They help provide bright, cheery light in outdoor places like train or bus waiting areas, parks and playgrounds, and more.
  • Wall packs: Wall packs can affix to an exterior wall to provide a convenient source of illumination near commercial or industrial buildings, such as offices, warehouses and garages. Many wall packs come in dimmable and dusk-to-dawn versions to help conserve energy by providing lighting only when you need it. They can also be used to light underpasses and tunnel interiors.
  • Floodlights: LED floodlights are useful for illuminating vast areas like driveways and walkways, areas that need extra security, the exterior of a building with multiple floors, construction areas and more. They provide a bright, concentrated area of light to help businesses and employees function at peak performance during nighttime events or work hours.
  • High mast floodlights: High mast floodlights are specially engineered to provide powerful illumination from high above in places like sports fields, airfields, airplane hangars, ports, rail yards, highway interchanges and more. Many are effective at heights of over 150 feet.
  • Retrofit lighting: Retrofit lighting provides substantial benefits for upgrading a business's lighting system without ripping out old light fixtures. You can screw these outdoor LED replacement lights into your existing fixtures for an immediate, convenient upgrade.
  • Hazardous location lights: Hazardous location lights provide high performance in hazardous areas like oil refineries, power plants, gas stations, military bases, food-processing facilities, wastewater treatment plants and more. They offer high shock and vibration resistance to provide critical, stable illumination even in rough environments.
  • High/low bay lights: High and low bay lights provide direct overhead illumination in both enclosed and open spaces so employees can perform detailed work without being blinded by more concentrated lights like floodlights. Mechanical bays, auto garages and airplane hangars are some of the areas in which high and low bay lights are useful.
  • Canopy lights: Canopy lights have a compact, rugged design that makes them suitable for a variety of outdoor environments, from gas stations and manufacturing operations to loading docks, tunnels and underpasses. Some models are rated to be safe and durable in wet locations, so they can withstand rainy and stormy weather with ease.
  • Decorative post top fixtures: Decorative post top fixtures can affix to posts and pillars to provide constant overhead lighting in areas like parking lots, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds and trails, school campuses and more. A smaller version is perfect for spaces like walkways, and a larger version helps provide complete illumination to more expansive spaces.
  • Street lights: LED street lights feature modern, efficient designs to help you illuminate the streets, parking areas or driveways outside your business. Some models feature the cobra-head look of traditional streetlights, and some offer extra-low voltage for additional energy savings.

Common Uses for Outdoor LEDs

Common uses for outdoor LEDs

LED lighting for outdoor areas has a variety of common uses:

  • Parking lot lighting: Parking lots can feel like empty, shadowy places at night, but outdoor LED lighting helps patrons feel safe and comfortable walking to their cars.
  • Tunnel, overpass and interchange lighting: Night driving sometimes feels like a chore, but LED lighting helps highway drivers navigate and merge with confidence, even at night. And for street drivers and pedestrians alike who must travel beneath overpasses, LED lights help illuminate the way and create a bright, safe environment.
  • Station lighting: Waiting for a train, bus or subway in the dark sometimes feels unsafe. But bright, cheerful, constant LED lighting makes the wait safer and more pleasant.
  • Security lights: As many of the examples above illustrate, security is of paramount importance in public places, especially at night. LED lights offer bright illumination for safety and security, and they are cost- and energy-efficient enough that you can leave them on all night to deter intruders and crime.
  • Illuminated signage: Many businesses use signage to provide 24-hour-a-day advertising, make themselves visible to potential customers and make an attractive, appealing impression on passersby. LED illumination helps business signage stand out and catch the eye.

Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting offers several benefits in commercial and industrial applications:

  • Security:LED lighting helps improve the security of your facility by making intruders and potential crime more visible. When you use bright LED lighting, patrons and passersby can feel safe on your property.
  • Energy efficiency: Whereas the old incandescent bulbs lost much of their energy as heat, dramatically reducing their efficiency, LEDs turn all their energy into light. According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy, and LEDs are 25 to 80% more efficient than old incandescent bulbs. They are more efficient than fluorescent lighting as well.
  • Longevity: LEDs also have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting from three to 25 times longer, according to the Department of Energy. This longevity means you'll have to replace your lights much less often, saving money, and you'll also have to take less time out of your workday for the process.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because of their longevity and energy efficiency, using LEDs can substantially reduce your operating costs. You'll buy fewer lights, and they use less power, which both add up to savings in your budget.
  • Health and well-being: Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, whichcan be detrimental to human health, especially children's health, and especially if the bulbs fall and shatter. LEDs contain zero toxic chemicals, so they help you promote health and well-being in your workplace.

Exterior Lighting From LEDtronics

LEDtronics lighting products stand apart from the rest for a few different reasons:

  • Reduced light pollution: Most of our LEDs direct their light in a concentrated direction, rather than in all directions at once. This feature helps reduce light pollution, so everyone can enjoy a beautiful night sky filled with stars, even when some lights are on.
  • Security solutions: Many of our offerings are perfect for commercial and industrial security solutions. Our LEDs are bright, efficient and cost-effective, so you can leave them on to deter intruders from entering your workplace.
  • Expertise: LEDtronics has been in business since the 1980s, and we specialize exclusively in LEDs. We can give you practical, knowledgeable advice and solutions for LED lighting in your business.
  • Eco-friendliness: LED lights are beneficial for the environment because they consume relatively little energy — but there's more. Our turtle-friendly LED shoebox lights, for example, are designed to provide gentle orange lighting that won't interfere with the nesting of sea turtles. Companies in states like Florida can use these lights to help keep sea turtles safe and well.

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