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Avionics / Aircraft Lighting

For applications both large and small, LED is the lighting solution of choice for a growing number of industries, including avionics. At LEDtronics, you can find everything from reading lights to LED bulbs. Qualified OEM aviation customers can also purchase FAA-approved LED bulbs. Whether you need a spot light or a midget flange base, the latest LED technology is here.

As the world’s largest supplier of replacement LED light bulbs for more than 25 years, we’ve learned a lot about LED technology. We have found that even an LED miniature bulb offers benefits over energy-wasting incandescent bulbs. Besides using less energy, an LED light has a longer life, lasting for up to 100,000 hours or 10 years. For avionics applications, an increased lifespan eliminates the need to replace LED bulbs often. And as LED arrays withstand shocks, vibrations, and temperature extremes, using LEDs in avionics means less maintenance as well. Thank you for visiting LEDtronics, the future of light.

LED Bulb / Avionics, Aviation Light Bulb Reference Chart

Indicators, Warning Lights, Spotlights

National Stock Number / LEDtronics Part Number Database

NSN / LEDtronics

Passenger Reading Light / Spotlight LED Bulb

Passenger Reading Light / Spotlight

Passenger Reading Light / Spotlight LED Bulb

Passenger Reading Light / Spotlight

LED Bulbs — T1(3mm) Sub-Midget Flange

T1(3mm) Sub-Midget Flange

LED Bulbs, Midget Flange Base, T1¾ (5mm)

Midget Flange Base, T1¾ (5mm)

LED Bulbs — T1¾ (5mm) Midget Flange, 6-Chips

T1¾ (5mm) Midget Flange

LED Bulbs — T1¾ (5mm) Midget Flange, 6-Chips

T1¾ (5mm) Midget Flange

LED Bulbs — FAA Approved #387 Replacement

Aircraft Cabin Indicator 387 Bulb

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