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iBEAM LED Optical Timepiece Does More Than Tell Time

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At night, do you fumble to put the keys in the keyhole to your car door? Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you just wish you had a little more light? Or perhaps you dropped something in the dark and just needed some light to find it. If this sounds familiar to you, a watch from the iBEAM® collection is the perfect item for you. Discreetly fit with a gleaming warm white 3mm LED from LEDtronics Inc., this fashionable and sleek watch is the perfect solution to those times when you wish you had a flashlight. Obviously, it is impractical to carry around a flashlight with you everywhere you go.

Most people wear their watch all the time, so why not have a conveniently bright LED on it to help you light the way when you need it. In addition, the watch has a handy pop-up magnifying lens that can be used along with the light. Furthermore, both features can be used without ever having to take off the watch.

The iBEAM® Optical Timepiece was invented to help in low-light situations and to read fine print easier. Inventor Chris McKay, a baby boomer, found himself occasionally borrowing his wife's reading glasses to read the dinner bill or a business card. He didn't need help all the time, but those occasions when he couldn’t make out the smaller print were very frustrating. McKay thought to himself, “Why couldn’t a lens be built into his watch that could pop-up and magnify?” By 2000, McKay had obtained his first U.S. patent for the magnifying lens and licensed the feature to other manufacturers. Three more patents and two years later, he put the final touches on the lens and LED flashlight combination to help illuminate the darkness.

This beautiful optical timepiece is as durable as it is functional. The iBEAM® watch uses a standard quartz battery that lasts about 5 years. The LED itself takes two batteries that will power it for more than 2 long-lasting years if used for 5 minutes everyday. This bright, warm white 6000K LED has a lifespan of 70,000 hours. The face of the watch is sapphire coated and scratch resistant to ensure a long lasting smooth surface. The iBEAM® watch is water resistant up to 90 feet so feel free to get splashed with it on.

Operation of the iBEAM® watch is simple, convenient, and user friendly. A simple easy-to-push button on the side illuminates the LED. In case you forget to switch it off, the LED will shine brightly for 30 seconds and then turn itself off. Pushing the lower button will trigger the magnifying glass to pop up so you can use the two features in conjunction. Close the magnifying piece with a satisfying and solid snap. The LED, from LEDtronics Inc., is a warm white standard dome flangeless 3mm LED (part no. LD120 series LED) that has a water-clear appearance. It produces beautiful light at a viewing angle of 30° while using only 5 volts.

With gorgeous construction and convenient functionality, the iBEAM® Optical Timepiece with LEDtronics’ LED is an item that everyone must have. “I use it all the time when I can’t find the light switch. I wonder how I ever got around in the dark without it,” says an owner of the watch. Deluxe models of the watch can be found for under $100 while the European styles for men are in the $200 range, making them all great gift items. Visit to find out where to purchase these beautiful watches. You will use it so many times that you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

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