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Load Resistors
For autos and motorcycle systems where LED incandescent-replacement bulbs cause fast blinking or other problems

AUT-RES Accessory   Load Resistor (Sold Separately)
Inline Wiring Schematic
Load Resistor Statement: If installing LED bulbs in your car or motorcycle causes your blinkers to blink fast or causes other electrical problems you may need to install a load resistor to correct these problems. Since LED bulbs draw much less current then standard incandescent bulbs your electrical computer system may think that your bulbs are not working. The AUT-RES-6-50 should resolve these problems. This is a 6 Ohms 50 Watt resistor that needs to be installed in-parallel with your tail/blinker lights, one Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) is required for each tail/blinker light.

Load Resistor
  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
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Caution: This Load Resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) gets extremely hot and needs to be installed correctly. The flat surface of the AUT-RES-6-50 needs to make a good secure contact on a clean flat metal surface on your car or motorcycle. This will act as a heat sink which should keep the Load Resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) cooler. Keep this Load Resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) away from oil, skin, plastic, wires , combustible gases and flammable materials. LEDtronics is not responsible for damage caused to persons or property with installation of the Load Resistor (AUT-RES-6-50).

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
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