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Customer Testimonial
John Warnet, New Jersey

About a month or so ago I purchased four of the AUT3157-0ER-014V rear tail/signal bulbs. One word describes these.... WOW!! I finally found a light that will not only give me the deep rich red color I like, but also the effectiveness!! I was amazed at how bright the bulbs are even with dark covers over the tail lights. As you can see by the pictures I've included, even with a slight sun glare they are still very bright.

I was most impressed with your ingenious design. These lamps are worth every penny in my opinion and they put those other $24.95 LED bulbs to shame!!

My next step is to use the amber bulbs for the front. I have clear corner lenses so they should look sharp!!

Thanks for making such a unique product and keep up the good work!!!

2001 Dodge Durango R/T

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