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Photographic Fine Art Lamps Feature New Environmentally Responsible LED Lighting

Scott Hawthorne at the Holland Scott Gallery sitting with the new Green Energy Fine Art Lamps and the eco-friendly, energy saving LEDtronics light bulb used in the new lamps. Photo Credit: Ben Ryan Photography
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CARPINTERIA, Calif. — February 26, 2008 — Holland Scott Gallery today announces the debut of the Environmentally Responsible Green Energy Fine Art Lamps. These lamps combine energy-efficiency technology with fine-art design.

Elegant photographic floral images and art-deco linoleum patterns from the 1930's are the result of energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp technology and the Giclée (zhee-clay) fine-art printmaking process. The Giclée printmaking process uses permanent archival vegetable die inks on the cylindrical illuminated photographic image. Additional lamp designs are in production.

Omni-directional, these LED lamps provide the correct color temperature of daylight for displaying naturally brilliant photographic colors. They also generate no heat and are free from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that may cause fading over time. More importantly, LED lamps use 80 to 90 percent less energy than the incandescent lamps they replace.

Inventor and artist, Candy Hawthorne, along with her husband and art dealer, Scott, also a professional photographer and a true-digital art pioneer, are the brains behind the first Green Energy Fine Art Lamps. They have been creating art mediums with computers and technology since 1978.

Scott is a designer and creative evangelist; his contemporary photographic works are represented in each lamp he designs.

"The natural photographic beauty is complemented with the soft LED lighting; these new lamps look spectacular," Scott said. "The eco-friendliness of the new lamps is also very exciting."

The new long lasting LED lighting is provided by LEDtronics. In the U.S. they are a leading LED lighting design and manufacturing company of direct-incandescent-replacement long-lived and energy-saving LED bulbs. The LEDtronics lights that are being used are their TRF-G30-XCW-02 for the larger Art lamps and the TRF-A19-XCW-02 for the smaller Art lamps.

About the Holland Scott Gallery:

The Holland Scott Gallery ( showcases Santa Barbara area contemporary artists and is a creative gallery where art and design begins as research, and evolves into artistic and commercial appeal. The Holland Scott Giclée Fine Art Printmaking uses state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies to produce limited edition prints.

The Product Used: TRF-G30-XCW-02

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