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Architectural Lighting

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LEDtronics' LED MR16 set in a water- and weather-resistant, non-submersible fixture.

The LED MR16 bulb is on the right side of the picture; a 50-watt halogen bulb is used lighting the post on the left. LEDtronics' LED MR16 (MR16-3W-XCW-002M) only consumes 4 watts — a savings of 46 watts an hour. Annual Savings at $0.08/KWH is $17.67 a year for each LED MR16 used, or $176.67 over the life of the MR16-3W-XCW-002M when on for 12 hours a night.

Type of Bulbs Used: High Power MR16 TrackLED™ Spotlight White LED Bulbs, 12V.

LEDtronics Part Number: MR16-3W-XCW-002M

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