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"Green" City Adopts LED Lighting in Remaking of Its Library Park

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When finally it came time for the City of Monrovia, California, to build its new public library after more than a decade of funding difficulties, it chose to have an environmentally-friendly and sustainable building and adjoining park that is certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The 28,000-square-foot library was officially opened in May 2009, boasting, among other green technologies: recycled steel, energy-efficient cooling and heating, cork flooring, carpets with up to 49% pre-consumer recycle content, paints and sealants with low or no volatile organic compounds, recyclable furniture, touch-free faucets and waterless urinals.

One of the more notable decisions that the city council took with the aim of energy efficiency was its approach to lighting strategies. While in the interior of the library natural lighting is used in combination with lighting fixtures that use Compact Fluorescent Lights, the city chose to utilize Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs in the fixtures on the exterior pathways surrounding the library and in its re-make of Library Park.

For this project, 150-watt globe bulbs were replaced by 28 LEDtronics 27-watt, high-power LED30MH-600-XPW-001 LED bulbs, which the city estimates will last three times longer and greatly reduce energy costs. A total of 27 watts for the LEDtronics lamp represents a reduction of 150 watts of energy from the standard 150W HID lamp and 25 to 35W standard transformers.

The city’s department of public works first tested the LEDtronics bulbs in one of its maintenance yards. Seeing the multiple advantages of using LED bulbs, the city now is considering expanding their use beyond the library park and in several of its streets and public walkways.

Product used:
28 units of LEDtronics LED30MH-600-XPW-001 high-power LED bulb for acorn-style street & walkway lamps

The Product Used: LED30MH-600-XPW-001

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Additional Photos
Fixtures with LED acorn bulbs dot the library park, with library building seen at right
LED acorn bulbs light pathways in Library Park
The library façade with LED bulbs in front
Another part of Library Park