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LEDtronics Shoebox and Cobrahead LED Luminaires Aid the Bolling
Air Force Base in D.C. with Their Energy Efficiency Goals

LEDtronics 82-watt streetlight Cobraheads replaced 250W and 400W HPS
luminaires on Chappie James Blvd. that centrally runs the length of the base.
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Several hundred LEDtronics 27-watt acorn-style street lamps light up the Bolling AF base’s streets at night.
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"Energy Conservation: It Starts with Awareness" was the theme for the 2009 Energy Awareness Month at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Department of Energy promotes the national Awareness Month campaign each October.

Among the key goals leaders and energy stewards from the Air Force District of Washington sought to accomplish through the program was to showcase the base as a nationally recognized model for energy and water conservation. It was the same vision for an energy-efficient future that was behind AFDW’s participation in the national Energy Star Pledge movement of the Energy Department.

Most probably the same concerns led them recently to decide to replace some of the power-hogging street lamps on the base grounds with eco-friendly LED lights from Torrance, California-based LEDtronics, Inc.

In the top photo at right, 56 units of M400 Cobrahead-style LEDtronics streetlight luminaires light Chappie James Boulevard that centrally runs the length of the base. At 82 watts each, the SLL002P-3D60W-XPW-004 cobraheads replaced 250W and 400W HPS luminaires.

In the bottom photo, several hundred 27-watt, acorn-style LED30MH-600-XPW-001 street lamps keep the base’s streets well lit at night. The low-wattage screw-in, retro-fit LED bulbs replaced high-power 100-watt HPS bulbs.

Two LED lighting products from LEDtronics illuminate inside and outside the pedestrian tunnel: a set of 20-watt SLL003PC-400-XPW-005 ceiling/wall Slim Line Shoebox luminaires light up the pedestrian tunnel (see photo link at bottom of page); another set of 20-watt SLL003P-400-XPW-004 pole-mount Slim Line Shoebox luminaires lights the walkway leading into and out of the tunnel.

In use since it was founded in 1918 on the east side of the Potomac River, Bolling AF Base is home of the USAF 11th Wing, "The Chief's Own." Once an important airfield in the Air Force's inventory, Bolling was made into the headquarters for all Air Force operations in the National Capital Region in 1985.

In addition to the AFDW, Bolling AFB is host to a variety of organizations representing a cross-section of the Air Force, from base-level offices to Headquarters for the Office of Special Investigations, the Air Force Surgeon General and the Air Force Chief of Chaplains. Bolling also serves as a diverse military community, housing families of all services and hosting one of the largest defense organizations—the Defense Intelligence Agency Center.

The products used:

SLL003P-400-XPW-004 and

LEDtronics Sales Rep Firm involved with this application:

Gary Anderson
Eastern Electronics
4928-B Windy Hill Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: (919) 876-7591
Fax: (919) 876-9792

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Additional Photos
Three different LED lighting products from LEDtronics are used in and outside the pedestrian tunnel.
Inside the pedestrian tunnel illuminated with SLL003PC-400-XPW-005 shoebox luminaires.