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LED Street Lights Brighten West High School Neighborhood
while Reducing Energy Costs for City of Torrance, California

Looking south on Victor Street, with the first of the LEDtronics streetlights illuminating the street corner
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Brighter, more energy-efficient lights now illuminate the section of Victor Street in Torrance, California, that more than 2,400 9th-12th-grade students, their parents and faculty use to attend or access the West High School campus on a daily basis.

As part of a pilot project to test energy efficiency and light quality, the City of Torrance in early 2010 converted conventional 150-watt HPS cobrahead streetlights on Victor Street to more energy-efficient LED fixtures. The four HPS luminaires at the northern end of the street were replaced with LEDtronics 50-watt LED cobrahead fixture model SLL006P-3D86-TPW-004, which is designed to replace 150-175-watt HPS streetlights. That represents a reduction of 125 watts of energy usage from a standard 150-watt HPS lamp, inclusive of a 25-watt ballast factor.

The solid-state LEDs are aligned to provide maximum luminance at desired angles to the target area. This helps reduce light pollution and eliminates light intrusion into the residences on the other side of Victor Street. The LEDtronics Cobrahead M250-style luminaires comply with the “Dark Skies” Initiative.

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Additional Photos
A panoramic view of LEDtronics streetlights illuminating Victor Street
Another view of LEDtronics streetlights on Victor Street
One of the LEDtronics streetlights on Victor Street showing beam spread
A closeup view of a LEDtronics streetlight on Victor Street
Wasted heat energy of conventional streetlights compared to LEDtronics