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Solar-Powered LED Luminaire Illuminates
Mailbox Panel in Sonoran Desert City

The mailbox bank, solar panel and LEDtronics SlimLine shoebox luminaire
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The mailboxes lit by LEDronics luminaire
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The homeowners association of a lovely residential complex in Tucson, Arizona, was looking for an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to light up a 20-foot bank of residential mailboxes. However, the solution needed to address the reluctance of residents in the adjoining area not to have any intrusive light shining in through their windows.

Solar Gain, Inc., a locally based solar installation company, designed an aesthetically pleasing layout using LEDtronics’ low-voltage Slim Profile shoebox-style luminaire. It is powered by deep-discharge batteries charged by a solar cells panel with back-up battery power. The firm even included an “art deco” sun design on the post.

With only 19 watts consumed by the light, no cost was added to the electric bill, while providing sufficient bright light over the mailbox area. In addition, since the directed illumination of LED lighting reduces light pollution—unlike fluorescents or incandescents, the concern of the neighbors regarding light intrusion was thus addressed.

“The light was a hit with the HOA, and the LED made a bright light that consumed little energy and did not bother the neighbors at night,” said Solar Gain’s Roman Black.

The Tucson area has an average of 330 sunny days annually. With white LEDs boasting an operational lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, now that the solar-powered LEDtronics post-top luminaire has been installed, it will be years before the HOA needs to put the mailbox lighting issue on its meeting agenda again.

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Company: Solar Gain, Inc.
Phone: (520) 822-8377
Tucson, Arizona

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Another street view of the mailboxes at night