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Symphony Orchestra Makes the Switch to LEDtronics LED Lights

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TORRANCE, Calif., Aug. 4, 2016 — To a professional symphony orchestra, being able to clearly read their sheet music is the only way to put on a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Sheet music poorly lit by troublesome incandescent lighting simply won’t due; especially for the best of the best.

The members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra had to deal with inefficient incandescent lights in their musician stand lights. After they switched to LEDtronics Right-angle LED T10 Lamps, the Orchestra no longer has to worry about bad lighting holding back their performance.

In order to perform, musicians are required to read very small black notes on sheet music, most of the time in dimly lit venues. Musicians usually come from out of college, but they often continue to perform into their 70s and 80s when eyesight tends to weaken. “The ability to read music with good lighting is essential to their job,” said Ian Harwood, Vice President and COO of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. “If they can’t read the music, they can’t read the notes, and can’t perform the concert. So lighting is critical for us.”

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is the largest performing arts organization in the state of Wisconsin, and presents over 140 different concerts every year. They travel all over the state of Milwaukee and sometimes into neighboring states. The orchestra has been around since 1959, and is considered one of the top orchestras in the United States.

“We have literally been talking about better stand lights in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for 15 years,” said Harwood. The Orchestra first tried out just a few LEDtronics LED lamps. The lamps worked so well that they replaced their entire inventory of incandescent bulbs with LEDtronics LED T10 Lamps. Harwood said they looked at several different options for replacing their lamps, and one of the options required replacing their entire stock of existing fixtures, “which are metal, very heavy duty, tried and true.”

Harwood said that one of the great things the LEDtronics bulbs allowed them to do was replace to their current incandescent lights while maintaining their existing fixtures. “We were able to replace all of the lamps for about a twentieth of the expense,” he said. “It was incredibly effective and incredibly cost efficient. They just substituted perfectly.”

Harwood said the biggest and most important change they have noticed is no longer hearing musicians say, “I’m not getting enough light.” He said that when they had the old incandescent bulbs, they would often get requests for more incandescent bulbs to replace the ones that went out. “As they were glass fixtures, they could break, they could burn out. There could be inconsistent lighting from bulb to bulb, especially as they aged.” The orchestra won’t have to deal with any of these issues now that they have converted to LEDtronics LED lighting.

Dependability, cost and energy savings were not the only factors that made LEDtronics the obvious choice. The orchestra required dimmability for their lighting. “There’s a lot of other products out on the market, but not every one of them is dimmable, and dimmable is required for many different types of performances, so that we can adjust the lighting level,” said Harwood.

There was another thing that they loved about the LED solution LEDtronics had to offer. “The color temperature was just right. It provides a natural light, which works very well for the paper which the music is printed,” he said.

LEDtronics is thrilled to have provided the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra with a successful LED lighting solution.

“The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is an incredible community treasure,” said Harwood. “It aims to present events which move and engages audiences, and we do that through a variety of different events, programs, locations, and it’s all through the incredible musicianship of our professional musicians.”

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