Financing Program

Lighting Retrofit Financing

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LEDTRONICS now has a financing program available to its wholesale distribution partners, distributors, contractors, and their customers. The Program has various financing options in regards to New Construction Lighting and Lighting Retrofit Projects. Below is a list of our financing referral sources.

LEDTRONICS and our wholesale distribution partners all have the same goal, to offer more projects. With these financing options we now have a tool for our wholesale partners that are designed to help you accomplish that very goal.

Subject to credit approval, our financing referral sources will consider financing as little as $3000 and up to $5 million. In some cases same day approval may be available.

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Net Positive Cash Flow

It is possible that your customer’s monthly energy savings could exceed their monthly finance payment – this is how our LED Finance Program is designed. As a result, your customer could possibly realize a positive monthly cash flow from the lighting upgrade beginning immediately.

Conservation of Cash and Credit Lines

Since neither capital funds nor their bank line of credit are tied up in project costs, they maintain the financial flexibility to continue utilizing these funds for other projects or as they see fit.

100% Financing

Subject to credit approval, their lighting equipment, recycling and installation costs may all be included in one convenient, fixed monthly payment.