Industrial Controls

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Since the day we started business in 1983, we have been America's Premium Brand LED Company for the Industrial Controls market, selling our LED indicators to 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We were among the first to create LED technology solutions for the market, and to this day, our proven mastery and experience of LED indicators is unrivaled.

We understand that many Industrial Control applications have ‘Made in USA’ requirements. Unlike most LED companies, LEDtronics is a USA manufacturer, and all our products come with UNCONDITIONAL U.S. factory warranties.

If your industrial controls are using incandescent bulbs or lamps, we know how many issues they cause you. They are often going out, and it can be a huge danger to not have functioning indicator lights in key locations for safety and important procedures. When you do replace them, it’s a huge cost. Every time, the expensive machinery needs to be halted and shut down, operations in the area need to stop, and maintenance needs to be called in do the work.

By switching to our LED indicators, you won’t have to deal with the high failure rate that comes hand-in-hand with incandescents. Their high-shock, vibration resistant technology often has them lasting 10 or more years without needing to be replaced. Not only will you save big on labor costs, but also major reductions in energy consumption.

LED Products: Applications:
  • Control / Instrument panels
  • Automation / Machinery
  • Control rooms
  • Powerplants & Utilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Rail Stations
  • Clean rooms
  • Interior task lights
  • Security lighting
  • Staff offices / Hallways
  • Parking lots / Parking structures