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We’ve been serving the Transportation and Railroad market for decades now, and no one has a better understanding than us the needs of the industry. We know that proper, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting is essential, especially in the matter of safety for the passengers, customers, and employees.

LEDtronics only manufactures premium-quality products that are engineered to last. Not only do we offer LED indicators for OEMs, but also general indoor and outdoor LED lighting. Our products are high shock / vibration resistant, and come in a wide range of voltages—including low voltage!

We have been the go-to LED lighting company for transportation and railroad since 1983. Let us provide you with energy-savings solutions for your lighting needs.

LED Products: Applications:
  • Railroad lighting
  • Trains / Buses / Trams
  • Interior / Exterior rail vehicles
  • Inboard / Outboard
  • Passenger vehicles / Locomotives
  • Tunnels
  • Warning / Signal lights
  • Running / Marker lights
  • Engine compartment lighting
  • Rail car brake / tail lights
  • Maintenance yards / Railyards
  • Subway stations / Mass transit
  • Light / Heavy rail
  • Door lights
  • Control / Instrument panels
  • Airplanes / Boats
  • Office / Facilities
  • Parking lots / structures
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