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Cable TV Show Spotlights LEDtronics Pioneering Achievements in Green Technologies and "Reinventing the Light Bulb"

Posted 13-APR-09

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"I think it will create an economic boom in so many industries that this thing touches, and it just touches every industry." Pervaiz Lodhie, president of LEDtronics, Inc., alludes to the evolving LED lighting technology in a program segment that aired on Torrance, California, CitiCable-3 television station the week of April 3 - 9, 2009.

In an interview with reporter Perrine Bakhshay for the half-hour "This Week in Torrance" program, Mr. Lodhie told its Southern California viewers that light-emitting diodes hold tremendous promise for a world that faces diminishing energy resources. "LED bulbs are the most ideal complements to alternative energy solutions, as they make perfect use of the relatively small amounts of power generated by such sources as wind, solar and tides," said Mr. Lodhie, whom the anchor introduced as an innovator intent on "reinventing the light bulb."

Responding to a comment by reporter Bakhshay that he seems to be as passionate about innovation as he is about lights, Mr. Lodhie said many companies, even big corporations, sometimes react to things and do not foresee the new wave of possibilities that emerging technologies bring.

"Whatever solution for the major industry I did yesterday, I consider it only good enough till today, but for tomorrow I must figure out something new," he noted. "And that's precisely what we do ? we constantly upgrade, innovate, change?"

Mr. Lodhie cited a recent example where LEDtronics became involved in a project for Lockhead Martin to develop special-wavelength LED outdoor streetlights that minimize the potential for impacts to sea turtles nesting on Florida beaches, while still providing for adequate nighttime highway/walkway safety lighting.

"We literally created this brand new niche that is called LED light bulbs over 25 years ago," Mr. Lodhie said. "It is no surprise that we would be able to find a solution to such an illumination-related environmental problem in only two weeks."

The cable show segment, which, on the occasion of Earth Day, profiled local companies that have made a mark in the advancement of green technologies, quoted the president of LEDtronics as saying that between today and tomorrow, 60-80% of energy consumption could be cut down if everybody agreed to change from the old filament technology to the new LED technology. "If this is understood and implemented, both with government support and by private industry?which is starting to happen?I think the reduction could be almost 20-25% or more of power generation," said Mr. Lodhie.

Also featured was company Marketing Manager, Mr. Jordon Papanier. "Home owners are very conscious nowadays about going green, so they're looking for ways to cut down power in their general lighting to their specific-area lighting to outdoor floodlighting," Mr. Papanier told CitiCable viewers. "That's where LEDs come into play, because you're saving anywhere from 60-90% energy just by unscrewing your incandescent and screwing in the electronic LED bulb."

Reporter Bakhshay concluded the segment noting that Mr. Lodhie was taking his passion for lighting from the local to the global by spearheading a poverty amelioration program that uses LED technology to light villages in Pakistan.

"Technology is all about bringing about positive change in people's lives," affirmed Mr. Lodhie, expressing hope that one day LEDs would illuminate villages and cities throughout the world.

CitiCABLE 3 is an award-winning government-access cable television channel for the City of Torrance that can be viewed locally on the Time Warner cable system daily at 6:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The show can also be streamed online at []. Since 1983, CitiCABLE-3 has provided professionally produced television programming for the community, including live coverage of weekly City Council meetings, along with weekly news and segments on local businesses, people and activities.

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