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LEDtronics LEDs Light Plumber's Way

TORRANCE, CA - May 21, 1998 - LEDtronics®, Inc. recently introduced the next generation of baseless Based LED multi-chip lamps. These new LEDs offer ultra-bright, high intensity light for use in many areas.

One use of this innovative new technology is for portable video inspection systems. Remotely controlled TV systems utilizing LEDtronics®' multi-chip LEDs as a light source are bringing a remarkable new capability to the plumbing industry. New cameras have been designed to go into the sewer for underwater inspection, and advances in LED technology have resulted in big improvements in light quality. With this innovative technology, plumbers can now discover and view clear details never seen before in the depths of the water system.

Older style systems utilize single-chip LED lamps mounted to the camera. The problem with this light source is that it produces beams of light with hot spots. LEDtronics® was approached by Sreco-Flexible™, a California-based manufacturer of plumbing inspection equipment, to provide a LED lamp for their "Flexicam" system.

The Flexicam's unique size makes it one of the smallest cameras in the world and enables it to be maneuvered in very small pipes. The camera is connected to a flexible and rugged "snake", allowing it to negotiate very tight 90 degree bends and go deep into the piping. This permits a clear view of cracks and problems throughout the water system. Plumbers can then diagnose and videotape the trouble.

The Flexicam's size is only one of its may advantages. The incorporation of LED technology from LEDtronics® resuts in big improvements in light quality over previous camera models. The Flexicam combines a small camera with a ring containing eight multi-chip LEDs. Because LEDtronics®' LED contains six chips per lamp, the Flexicam totals forty-eight chips per camera. The light is distributed evenly and provides extraordinarily powerful light output for its size. Additionally, the kind of light the LEDs produce is the ideal match for the sensitivity the camera has.

Instruments used in the plumbing industry must withstand the physical stress of being repeatedly plunged into the piping. The extreme durability of LEDtronics®' LEDs enables them to withstand vibration and shock much better than other light sources.

"LEDtronics®' LEDs are so rugged, I still haven't seen a bad light come back from our customers," explains Ramiro Fernandez, chief engineer for video products at Sreco.

Sreco's cameras with the LEDtronics®' LEDs have been met with enthusiasm by professionals in the field. "The plumbing industry is very pleased with the new products," Fernandez continues. "The combination of durability, size, flexibility and superior lighting of the LED inspection system make them an important advancement in the plumbing industry.

"When Sreco approached us, we were pleased to provide such a high-quality product that perfectly complemented their camera system," stated Pervaiz Lodhie, president of LEDtronics®. "We have a close partnership with many companies in the development of their products."

The possibilities for lighting solutions involving LEDtronics®' ultra-bright, multi-chip LED lights are almost endless, including the packaging of multi-chip LEDs into Based lamps as excellent replacements of incandescents in lighted push buttons, annunciators or relampable panel indicators. In addition, these lamps are excellent for backlighting head-mounted display screens.

For further information, contact LEDtronics® at (310) 534-1505. You may write to them at 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505, or fax your request to (310) 534-1424. LEDtronics®' site on the Internet is at

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