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LEDtronics, Inc., Siemens Solar Industries Announce Marketing Partnership

TORRANCE, CA — September 30, 1997 — "LED light sources and solar energy are technologies that were practically made for each other," says Arthur Rudin, Manager, Industrial Marketing for Siemens Solar Industries in Camarillo, CA. "LED lighting is very efficient, requiring minimal power for the amount of illumination it provides. We believe the marriage of solar and LED can be exceptionally effective for a wide and growing range of applications."

Rudin made the remarks in announcing a marketing partnership between Siemens Solar Industries and LEDtronics®, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of LEDs and LED systems. Siemens Solar Industries, a company of the German conglomerate Siemens, is far and away the market leader in solar modules, with some 20% of the entire installed base worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement, LEDtronics® will market LED products specifically targeted for solar applications through the Siemens Solar network of qualified distributors throughout North and South America.

In the initial phase of the program, LEDtronics® will be offering LED products for small, rural lighting systems aimed at developing countries; trailer-mounted traffic signals, including solar-power annunciators; and lighting for emergency preparedness programs.

According to Pervaiz Lodhie, founder and president of LEDtronics®, tremendous strides have been made in LED technology in the last two or three years. New Indium Gallium and Gallium Nitride chip technology increases LED light output by as much as 20 times over earlier generations, and allows the production of daylight-visible LEDs in virtually any color of the spectrum. In addition to red, yellow and amber/orange, which were the first available colors, LEDs are now available in colors from leaf green to ultra blue. Even white light, long thought to be a virtual impossibility, is now available as a light emitting diode.

"What all this means," says Lodhie, "is that LEDs can play a role in many, many more lighting situations."

As proof of his assertion, Lodhie demonstrates a series of LED arrays with standard Edison bases that give off white light made from mixing the spectra of red, green and blue LEDs. The light ranges from a soft area light intended for security, to a surprisingly bright, focused beam for reading.

"Unlike the DC fluorescent lamps which these are intended to replace," Lodhie says, "LED lamps are impervious to power fluctuations. They are also substantially more efficient in terms of energy usage, and have a life span of approximately 100,000 hours, or more than 11 years of continual use."

Those same qualities make LED lighting ideal for solar-powered traffic signal applications including annunciators, amber caution lights, directional arrows and stop lights. Because LEDs are dramatically more efficient than incandescent lights, these bright, eye-catching signs and displays provide significantly more light from a battery charge. In addition, LEDs have no fragile filament to break when signs are trailered over rough terrain or exposed to extreme temperatures.

"We see a great deal of potential for all parties in this marketing arrangement," Siemens’ Arthur Rudin concludes. "We’re proud to be working with a leading company like LEDtronics® and believe the future for these complementary technologies is unlimited."

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