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LEDtronics Releases Brighter LED High Mast Flood Lights, Surpassing Previous Technology

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TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2019 — LEDtronics® latest series of dimmable LED High Mast Flood Lights outshines the previous generation in more ways than one. The lights are significantly brighter, more energy efficient, and better priced—all while maintaining the company's premium quality.

The lumen output of our HPF003 series ranges from 31,400 all the way up to 156,000 lm. These ETL-Listed LED high mast luminaires boast a greater amount of light than any other product in our family of over 12,000 part numbers, with lumen efficacy of 130 lm per watt.

These dimmable, Title 24-compliant LED high-mast floodlights come in a range of wattages. They only consume 250, 400, 600 and 1200 watts, yet replace or exceed HID lights of 1000 watts and up to 2000 watts each — energy savings of up to 70 percent.

The extremely high light output and efficacy make this product series ideal for applications such as stadiums, arenas, fields, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds, exhibition halls, high bay illumination, industrial plants, construction sites, wharves, plazas, airports, up/down spotlighting, pole-mounted outdoor area lighting, and many more.

High-mast lighting is commonly installed in very difficult-to-reach areas, so replacing them typically takes a lot of time and expense. The die-cast, aluminum-constructed LED units are extra lightweight and feature a ±270° adjustable bracket, allowing for fast and easy installation. In addition, they have lumen maintenance of over 70 percent at over 100,000 hours (well over five years). These advantages make LEDtronics' LED high-mast floodlights a clear choice over old-technology, HID luminaires.

The newly designed LED high mast flood lights provide 5000K pure white illumination in 30- and 60-degree light distribution. They operate in an input voltage range of 100 to 277 VAC (277~480VAC high-voltage option is available), with a wide operating temperature range of ~-40°C up to ~+40°C. Their solid-state construction renders them resistant to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes, such as 115~125 mph winds.

The units also have an IP66 safety rating (totally protected against dust and strong jets of water), with an impact protection rating of IK08. They boast a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated, marine-grade finish, and are tested against salt-spray exterior corrosion.

This ultra-high-lumen, high CRI series is dimmable with 0-5V, 0-10V or PWM/timer external dimmers. The product series also has a “Made in USA” option for ARRA compliance. Pole mounting, other white color temperatures, beam angles and optional mounting accessories are available for qualified volume offers.

LEDtronics' HPF003 series of dimmable LED High Mast Flood Lights come with an unconditional 5-year U.S. factory warranty. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

For more details and technical data, visit the product web page:

About LEDtronics®
Since 1983, LEDtronics has been America's Premium Brand LED Company. We are the pioneers of designing, manufacturing and packaging LED lighting products for hundreds of industries and thousands of customers, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies and all the major national and regional US distributors. LEDtronics is proud to have been manufacturing in the USA for over three decades now. The company is a qualified Government and Defense supplier (CAGE code 8Z410), and over 600 National Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to our products over the years. All of our products come with an UNCONDITIONAL U.S. factory warranty.

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