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LEDtronics Bi-Pin Based Miniature LED Light Bulbs Perform Above and Beyond the Incandescents They Replace

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TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2022 — LEDtronics® Inc. announces updates to its long-time series of Midget Bi-Pin LED Miniature Bulbs, a product category it has been manufacturing for over 25 years. With an input voltage of 24/28 VDC and wattage of only 0.42, they are designed to directly replace industry-standard T1-3/4 (5mm) bayonet-based 7327 and 7387 incandescent lamps, with up to 90 percent energy savings.

The BPF200-028V Series comes in an array of color options — 3000K Warm White, 8000K Cool White, 525nm Aqua Green, 612nm Super Orange, 660nm Ultra Red, and 595nm Super Yellow, offering viewing angles ranging from 80 to 120 degrees. They operate on a current of 0.015 amps, producing maximum candela ranging from 0.075 to 1.4 cd.

The BPF200 product category also includes operating voltages of 5VDC and 12/14VDC with similar color options.

Unlike the incandescent lamps they replace, these rugged LED bulbs are virtually impervious to shock, vibration and temperature extremes. They use a tiny fraction of the energy, generate only minimal heat, and provide sharper, higher-intensity and more uniform illumination and better visibility than standard lamps, achieving full brightness more rapidly. They neither emit UV/IR rays nor produce RF interference.

The lamps have a Rynite sleeve, hard-tempered terminals of Nickel Type 200 with bright, tin-lead plate finish.

The LEDtronics midget bi-pin based LED miniature bulbs operate in a wide temperature range of -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C) and boast a long lifespan — Color LEDs serve 100,000+ hours (more than 10 years), compared to an average of 4,000 hours for incandescent lamps. White LEDs offer lumen maintenance greater than 70% at 50,000 hours of operation.

The BPF200-028V Series comes with an unconditional 3-year LEDtronics U.S. factory warranty. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

For more details and technical data, visit the product family web page:

About LEDtronics®
Since 1983, LEDtronics has been America's Premium Brand LED Company. We are the pioneers of designing, manufacturing and packaging LED lighting products for hundreds of industries and thousands of customers, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies and all the major national and regional US distributors. LEDtronics is proud to have been manufacturing in the USA for over three decades now. The company is a qualified Government and Defense supplier (CAGE code 8Z410), and over 600 National Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to our products over the years. All of our products come with an UNCONDITIONAL U.S. factory warranty.

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