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LEDtronics New LED Modules Offer Long-Lasting, Efficient Lighting for Signal & Traffic Lights

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TORRANCE, Calif., January 19, 2023 — LEDtronics® announces its latest generation of  8 and 12 inch LED Traffic Signal Modules that are direct incandescent replacement lamps designed to accommodate pre-existing traffic signal enclosures.

The new TRF series uses only 6 to 13 Watts, depending on any of various offered combinations of voltage (120VAC or 10~30VDC), color (super red, super yellow or blue-green), connection (Type-1 forked terminals or E26 screw-in base) and size — 8 or 12 inch (200 or 300 mm, respectively).

In addition to 80 to 90 percent less energy consumption than equivalent incandescent lamps, these LED lights last much longer, resulting in years of reliable performance and reduced relamping, maintenance and lower liability costs for municipalities, cities and highway departments. Such enormous energy savings alone repay the capital outlay in less than three years!

Due to their sunlight visibility, dispersing light uniformly across the entire face of the lamp through an optically optimized lens, and faster turn-on times than conventional incandescent signal lamps, these LED modules promote safe driving by increasing the amount of response time available for motorists. With the use of multiple LEDs, these traffic lights continue to provide light even if one or more emitters fail, unlike when the filament breaks in an incandescent bulb.

Additionally, since LEDs emit colored light, these lamps lower concerns surrounding broken or faded colored lenses or filters, which are necessary with incandescent traffic bulbs. Intensity and color remain virtually stable over the LED lamp’s lifetime. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes, and they perform well in applications subjects to voltage dips or surges.

In addition to traffic signal lights, the LEDtronics 8- and 12-inch Type 1 and Type 2 TRF series is a perfect choice also in other automotive and transportation applications — traffic warning lights, railroad crossings, road closure signs and tunnel warning lights. They can be directly retrofitted into existing 200 and 300 mm traffic housings, respectively. They are water-resistant for outdoor use and have a protection rating of IP65, and are also totally protected against dust ingress.

The TRF lamps are manufactured in conformance with the ITE purchase specifications for LED vehicle traffic signal modules, and meet MilSpecs MIL-STD-883 temperature cycling and mechanical vibration standards as well as MIL-STD-810F for moisture resistance. Also, they are compliant with FCC Title 47.

Integrating solid-state electronics with advanced LED technology, these latest LEDtronics traffic signal modules feature durable, UV-resistant polycarbonate housing that eliminates dust and dirt buildup; clear, non-color-tinted lens, and an ambient operating temperature range of -40°F to +165°F [~-40°C to ~+74°C].

The Type 1 lamps require modifications – hard wiring the lamp, to retrofit existing traffic housings. They come with two secured, color-coded, 600VAC-rated, 18AWG 3-feet-long wires. Type 2 lamps feature male 26mm Edison bases that simply screw into a socket.

This latest TRF series of 8- and 12-inch Type 1 and Type 2 traffic signal modules come with a 5-year LEDtronics warranty, and are available through LEDtronics distributors. Quantity discounts are available, as well as other options such as color-tinted lens, low-voltage 12 VDC, solar power applications, and traffic arrows.

For more details and technical data, visit the product web pages:

Press contact
Shaan Lodhie
LEDtronics, Inc.
23105 Kashiwa Court
Torrance, CA 90505

About LEDtronics
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