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LED Snap-in Panel Lights with Terminals Add Long Life and Energy Savings to Industrial Controls

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TORRANCE, Calif., June 3, 2024 — LEDtronics® answers the call for low-cost, long-lasting and reliable LED solutions to retrofit panel mount applications with their new additions to the snap-in panel indicator lamp with terminals series, a product category it has been manufacturing for over 40 years.

Accommodating panels from 0.070 inch (1.8mm) to 0.125 inch (3.2mm) in thickness with a 0.5 inch (12.5mm) mounting hole, the PFS51-T2 series of bulbs with a 0.25 inch (6.4mm) male terminal tabs perfectly fit many front panels, offering versatile applications in machine tools, medical equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, control panels, signal and pilot lights, among many other instances where long-lived, energy-efficient light sources are required or when personal safety depends on a reliable status indicator. The LEDs eliminate many of the shortcomings of conventional incandescent lamps and shine even further beyond.

The lamps feature a low-profile flat lens that is available in green, red, yellow, blue and 6000K white LED colors, emitting a bright light with a luminous intensity ranging from 22 to 108 mcd, and a viewing angle ranging from 20 to 65 degrees.

With an input voltage of 125VAC and power wattages of only 0.3 or 0.4, they are designed to directly replace industry-standard Chicago Miniature/IDI Series 1050, 1090 and 1091, with up to 90 percent energy savings. Other voltages, colors and lens types are available.

The PFS51-T2 series of LED bulbs runs on an input current of 0.003 amps, offering lumens ranging from 0.025 for the blue to 0.213 for the green.

These high-efficacy indicator lamps feature a chrome bezel, a polycarbonate body, a snap-in brass terminal, and a PC plastic flat lens cap that is fixed, transparent and cylindrical—this facilitates viewing and light dispersion. They can be easily installed with a twist-to-lock method to ensure a secure electrical contact.

Utility monitors, industrial designers and maintenance departments will find these lights to be excellent solutions for maintenance-intensive and critical-process applications. With its inherent energy efficiency, LED technology makes an excellent accompaniment to photovoltaic-based energy systems. Additionally, LED lamps produce little or no heat, resulting in lighted panels that are cool-to-the-touch, unlike those lit by incandescent lamps.

The LEDtronics panel indicator miniature bulbs operate in a wide temperature range of -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C). They operate reliably year-after-year, boasting a long lifespan — color LEDs serve more than 100,000 hours (more than 10 years), compared to an average of 4,000 hours for incandescent lamps. White LEDs offer lumen maintenance greater than 70 percent at 50,000 hours of operation. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental fluctuation.

The PFS51-T2 series of snap-in LED panel indicator lamp series with terminals comes with an unconditional 3-year LEDtronics U.S. factory warranty. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

For more details and technical data, visit the product family web page:

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