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LED Lighting Lands at the Los Angeles International Airport's Admirals Club

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TORRANCE, CA — October 31, 2003 — LED lighting arrived at the American Airlines' newly opened Admirals Club in the Los Angeles International Airport. The Admirals Club offers its members sanctuary from the irritations of the airport terminal. To create a relaxing environment every architectural element was scrutinized from the sensuous curve of the ceiling down to the sublime lighting at the customer service stations, which was accomplished with Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Strips from LEDtronics.

The Admirals Club features 11 customer service stations where airline representatives help club members with ticketing. When blueprints called for recessed lighting around the marble counters, Peck Jones Construction, the general contractor, wanted a safe low-voltage, maintenance-free and eye-pleasing solution. Their requirements led them to LEDtronics, an LED manufacturer located in Southern California.

After studying the drawings supplied by Peck Jones, LEDtronics sales representative Wayne Fisher's solution was a modified (p/n BSD-1932-001s) version of the company's standard LED Light Strip module (p/n STP527-21W). The off-the-shelf LED Light Strip features 105 incandescent-white 5mm domed LEDs on a 27"L x 0.75"W printed circuit board. Since each service counter measures 56-inches wide, Fischer's solution was to connect two light strips end-to-end. The resulting 54-inch strip plus its power connector fit the footprint perfectly. Standard domed LEDs were changed to flat-topped LEDs in order to disperse light at a 120° wide angle. Each Light Strip is 12V to safeguard Admirals Club members and personnel from electrical shock. The strip draws only 0.525A and generates minimal heat while producing 2000mcd of bright focused light.

The warm glow of the LED Light Strips softens the hard appearance of the marble counters to contribute to the curb appeal of the customer service stations and to the customer-friendly atmosphere that the Admirals Club wants. Additionally, for applications like the hard-to-reach recessed lighting cavities at the customer service stations, LED Light Strip modules are the ideal lighting solution due to their 100,000-hour operating life. That's 30 - 50 times longer than any incandescent lamp! While incandescent lights and neon tubes are susceptible to damage from vibrations and shocks that can result in lamps that don't work and shards of broken glass, LEDs' robust solid-state construction is practically unbreakable and able to endure the grind of everyday use.

The use of LED lighting in the Admirals Club is one of many mainstream applications where LED lighting is taking off. Installations that had been the exclusive domains of incandescent, neon and fluorescent lighting are being converted to LEDs due to outstanding reliability and low-power operation, the same advantages that convinced Peck Jones to install LED Light Strips at the customer service stations. With the continuing introduction of new technologies, packages, colors and brightnesses, it appears that for LED lighting the sky is the limit!

Prices for standard LED Light Strips range from $87.00 - $184.00 depending on LED color. Options can be order with factory approval. Large quantity discounts are offered. Availability is stock to 4 - 6 weeks for special requirements.

LEDtronics manufactures an array of LED products ranging from discrete surface mount indicators to direct incandescent replacement LED lamps and bulbs for such transportation applications, panel indication and decorative lighting. LEDs are made from semiconductor materials that generate light at specific wavelengths when current is applied. LEDs come in visible (400 - 700 nanometers) and infrared (830 - 940 nanometers) wavelengths. For additional information on how to incorporate LED Light Strip modules into your designs, contact LEDtronics toll free at 1-800-579-4875, telephone 310-534-1505, fax at 310-534-1424, click here to email us or mail at LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505. Ask for data sheet log #23A. Visit our website at

Read the datasheet on line at URL: LED Light Strip, Sunlight Visible, Narrow Beam

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