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LEDtronics Products in the News
L.E.D. Tail Lights - Death to Filaments!
LED Tail Light Guide

Pluck one of the hairs off your head and take a look at it. Now suspend that from two toothpicks, put tension on it, and try to decide how sturdy you think it is. That's basically the construction of a lightbulb. Add some twists, or curly-cues, and you've got how a lightbulb is made.

Your hair is the filament, and that thin strand of wire is what lights up by carrying the electricity to close the circuit. Just how long would you think a super-heated wire, stretched taut, bounced from here to high heaven as your Jeep goes down the trail would last?

But, wait, it gets better. There are alternatives to a filament lightbulb, but because they are costly to manufacture you only see them in higher-end automobiles. The light emitting diode (LED) has a much more robust construction and will typically burn a hundred, if not a thousand times longer than a regular filament-laden incandescent bulb. If the service life wasn't enough to convince you, look at it this way: LEDs actually light up faster than incandescent bulbs. Ever had a near miss? Ever had someone just love tap you because they couldn't stop fast enough? At highway speeds, after you hit the brake, an LED will light up about 20 feet sooner than a regular bulb, giving the person behind you an extra 20 feet to react.

So why swap in another piece of burning hair when it comes time to get rid of the clunky stock Jeep lights? Upgrade. Go to something with an LED in it. Follow our guide, and we'll give you the pros and cons of some different lights and some pointers on what to look for when spending that hard-earned money on some LED upgrades.

LEDtronics Factory Replacements

General: LEDtronics has LED bulbs for almost every application. Whether it be Jeep, boat, or home, they've got something. For the Jeep, they offer bulbs so that you can replace those filaments without the hassle of removing the stock lights. If it ain't broke, right?

Pros: High-quality LEDs are used in the bulbs, and they will fit in the stock Jeep housings.

Cons: The danger of a rock, tree, or shopping cart is always there. If your stock housings or bulb sockets need attention (oxidized, cracked, or otherwise worn) these will have the same intermittent functionality that the regular bulbs have.

For additional information contact LEDtronics toll free at 1-800-579-4875, telephone 310-534-1505, fax at 310-534-1424, click here to email us or mail at LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505. Visit our website at

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