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LEDtronics Products in the News
Indoor Lighting Plant Growing LED-PlantBar

Want to grow green, be green and save green? LED grow lights can improve indoor plant health at the same time it saves electricity if you don't have adequate sunlight for your the plants lettuce and radishes, or exotic decorative plants that filter your indoor air for improved health. LED based grow lights present a challenge when replacing traditional grow lights.

LEDs are low energy devices (like fluorescent lights). This means that they must be closer to the plants than high energy sources (like HPS or MH lights). But there's a trade off between close and coverage. Because LEDs output a "cone" of light, closer means a decrease in coverage. So a balance must be attained between desired energy at the plant and coverage in square feet. Some plants require higher energy (plant closer to bar) and thus for coverage you'll need to use more bars in an offset stagger multiple bar configuration to increase coverage. Some plants require low energy to grow, so fewer bars at a greater distance are possible. LED-PlantBars may also be hung vertically within the foliage of a dense plant for additional energy (a big selling point as traditional lights cannot do this). A most interesting claim about LEDtronics lights has to do with insects ---

The wavelengths of light emitted by LEDtronics LED plant light products are invisible to most pests. By design, these LED-PlantBars rarely attract bugs and pests to the plants.


  • Very low heat generation
  • No ballast required
  • No reflectors
  • Targeted light output
  • High shock/vibration resistance
  • One year warranty
  • Typical LED lifetime of 100,000 hours
  • Power consumption less than 6 Watts as compared to 100 to 1,000 Watts conventional grow
  • Lower voltage (after passing through power supply)
  • Lower burn and fire risk
  • Light weight
  • Less environmental hazard. LED-PlantBars contain no mercury
  • Power supply accepts range of 100Volts AC to 240 Volts AC through American-style bi-blade plugs. Simple plug adapter will convert any country's plug


  • Interior landscape design
  • Commercial plant growing
  • Grow plants at home in sunless areas
  • Can be mounted in any orientation to light crops from top, sides, or within plant canopy
  • Herb gardens, lettuce gardens under kitchen cabinets

SOURCE: LEDtronics

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