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LEDtronics Products in the News
LED Bulbs and More

Last Saturday, I was in NYC to tape an appearance on CBS The Early Show teaching non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning techniques.   Since the show is at 7AM in the morning, that really gave me an unexpected early morning/afternoon free to look around NYC before I headed home and left for Los Angeles.   So, on this drizzly Saturday, I decided to visit my two favorite stores in nyc: The Strand Bookstore and ABC Carpet and Home.

First, at ABC Carpet, I found this display of lightbulbs and couldn't believe that they were selling LED bulbs in conventional shapes for all types of indoor light fixtures.   I haven't seen these before and I especially had not seen them in a retail environment where you could see them all lit up first.

I decided to buy a few bulbs (pricey at around $40 each), to test them out.

First, a few notes about LED bulbs:  unlike compact fluorescents, they do not contain harmful metals like mercury inside.    They also do not get hot to the touch, making them extremely safe, and they last around 100,000 hours and use just about 1 watt of energy per hour.   They basically pay for themselves.  100,000 hours is 4.1 years of light time.   Turn it on today and it will basically burn out 4 years later.  If you turn the light fixture on and off like a normal person, they will pretty much last forever.

Here are a bunch of the bulbs all boxed up.  They're made by a company called LEDTRONICS and their website is These are the two bulbs I bought for my house.  You can see all the little LED bulbs inside that light up.  The casing is plastic, which is smart because it makes it shatterproof.  Had it been glass, it would be too easy to shatter, thus making your $40 investment too vulnerable.    I'm going to seek out some "open" lamps to put these in so people can see this new technological bulb in action. Elsewhere at ABC, they have a great green furnishings program that features recycled and sustainably harvested wood furniture pieces.   This giant dining room table is something I'm eying and love for my house.   Unfortunately, the $9,000 price tag is a bit high, but well worth the price since it's totally handmade and one-of-a-kind.   In retrospect, if there's a sale on the table, I may consider buying it.  It really will last forever.

And here's the intricate top to the table.    Saw so many wonderful things at ABC and learned so much.  If you're in NYC, it's definitely worth a visit to shop, learn and eat lunch. 

Tomorrow, my visit to my all time favorite bookstore: The Strand.

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