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'Paddle Style' Retrofit LED Lamp, E39 Base, Replaces 70W to 175W HID
27W, 36W, 54W, Re-Lamps Floodlights, Cobraheads, Shoeboxes, Wall Packs

'Paddle Style' Retrofit LED Lamp, E26 Base, Replaces 70W to 175W HID
27W, 36W, 54W, Re-Lamps Floodlights, Cobraheads, Shoeboxes, Wall Packs

'Paddle Style' Retrofit LED Lamp, E39 Base, Replaces 250W to 400W HID
75W, 95W, 115W, Re-Lamps Floodlights, Cobraheads, Shoeboxes, Wall Packs

Post Top / Pendant Lights

Following part numbers are valid, but not visible on the website.
They may be Custom, Older Generation, Low Usage, New Products, or Obsolete.
Contact us if you need help regarding these part numbers.

PART IDDescriptionVoltageColorColor CodePart Substitution
LEDRA29-54W-XPW-101W100-277Vac,54 Watts, Rt.AnglePure WhiteXPWLEDRA36-054WE39-XPW-101A
LEDRA36-027WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,27W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA36-027WE39-XHW-101A***100-277Vac,27W,2700K,E39100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHWLEDRA36-027WE39-XIW-101A
LEDRA36-036WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,36W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA36-036WE39-XHW-101A***100-277Vac,36W,2700K,E39100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHW9LEDRA36-036WE3-XIW-101A
LEDRA36-054WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,54W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA36-054WE39-XHW-101A***100-277Vac,54W,2700K,E39100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHWLEDRA36-054WE39-XIW-101A
LEDRA44-075WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,75W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA44-075WE39-XHW-101A100-277Vac,75W,2700K,E39 100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHWLEDRA44-075WE39-XIW-101A
LEDRA44-095WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,95W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA44-095WE39-XHW-101A***100-277Vac,95W,2700K,E39100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHWLEDRA44-095WE39-XIW-101A
LEDRA44-115WE39-XCW-101A***100-277Vac,115W,5700K,E39Cool WhiteXCWContact Factory
LEDRA44-115WE39-XHW-101A***100-277Vac,115W,2700K,E39100-277VacHalogen WhiteXHWLEDRA44-115WE39-XIW-101A
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We can second source most LED Indicators from:

  • Industrial Devices (IDI)
  • Data Display Products (DDP)
  • Chicago Miniature (CM)
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • Visual Communcations (VCC)
  • Dialight
  • Eldema
  • Starled
  • Marl
  • Bulgin
  • Sloan
  • Leecraft
  • Solico
  • Apem
  • Littlefuse
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