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12/14 Vdc Edison Screw Base SolarLED® Lamps
E26 Base
Ideal for use with Alternate or Renewable Energy Resources like Solar & Wind Power
Major Reduction in Energy Use, Reduces Light Pollution, "Dark Skies" Initiative Friendly

White LED technology is patent protected in the US. LEDtronics White LED products are covered under these patents.

SLR124_N3 Series   24-LED Cluster 12Vdc Lamp w/ E26 Base

24-LED Cluster 12Vdc Lamp
  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
Current (A)Power (W)Light Output Per LED
Ιv, cd
Operating TemperatureColor Temp.
LED Emitting

‡‡Full Beam Width at 50% Intensity

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Three Year Lamp Warranty
  • Focused reading and task lighting
  • Runs on solar cell charged battery
  • Long Life: Lumen maintenance of the white LEDs is greater than 70% at 35,000 hours of operation.
    (Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis)
  • Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant
  • Maintenance free, easy installation
  • Low power consumption, high intensity
  • Longer on time per charge
  • No RF interference
  • Uninterrupted emergency lighting
  • Weatherproof
  • All DC voltage lamps are bipolar
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22°F to ~+122°F [~-30°C to ~+50°C]
Options:  For qualified applications and large quantity orders
  • Industry standard bases
  • Available with low-voltage disconnect battery protection circuit
  • Special operating voltages
  • Choice of narrow beam or wide angle

Telephone lighting

Remote locations

Traffic warning lights