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LED Tube Light Fixture, Open Commercial, T8 4FT

48" Open Lamps — Twin Light Strip Channel

Premium-Grade for LED T8 Light Tube(s) — ETL Listed

Green Lighting — Reduced Energy and A/C Bills Over Fluorescent Lighting

22ga Cold-Rolled Steel Housing — Baked White Polyester Finish
LED Tube Light Fixture, Open Commercial, T8 4FT  48" Open Lamps — Twin Light Strip Channel
ONLY FIXTURE IS SOLD. 4-ft. LED T8 LAMPS SOLD SEPARATELY. Never Install Fluorescent Tubes in This Fixture.
LED Tube Light Fixture, Open Commercial, T8 4FT  48" Open Lamps — Twin Light Strip ChannelLED Tube Light Fixture, Open Commercial, T8 4FT  48" Open Lamps — Twin Light Strip Channel
Meets Buy American requirements within the ARRA
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
Light Plot
  • Part Number:  LEDSTR240-2-4LR
  • Type: Open Lamp Twin-Light Channel for LED T8 Light Tubes
  • Door Frame: 22-gauge cold-rolled steel or extruded aluminum; T-hinge, positive-spring-loaded latch
  • Construction: 22-gauge cold-rolled steel housing
  • Lamp Type: LED T8 light tubes, self-driven. Both black and white leads connected to the same end
  • Finish: Baked white polyester finish / Minimum Reflectance: 86%
  • Wiring: Operates T8 LED light tube(s) only
  • Labels: ETL-Listed / Conforms to UL Standard 1598-SUB8750
  • Lamp Type Used: LED T8 light tube, self-driven. Do not use fluorescent.

Specs w/ 2 Lamps Installed (Fixture not sold with tube lamps)

  • 2 Lamps, Part Number:  LED48T8SM-276-XPW-001WF
  • Color Temp: 5000K Pure White  CRI: 75
  • Voltage:110/120VAC (Tested @ 120V)
  • Current: 0.285 A
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Input Power: 33.8 Watts
  • Efficacy: 71 lm/watt
  • Total Lumens: 2,406.5 lm
  • Max. Candela: 780cd @ Horizontal: 45, Vertical: 0
  • Weight: With 2 tubes, 6.5lb [2.95kg]

  • With Heavy Duty On / Off Safety Switch
  • Easily accessible on exterior of wire way.
  • Allows individual fixture to be switched ON/OFF during re-lamping or maintenance.
  • Prevents damage to lamp and electrical shock during lamping and re-lamping.
  • Allows safe entry to wire way channel where power connector can be disconnected for maintenance to fixture.

3.75"×48" Twin Lamp Open Fixture for Two T8 LED Tube Lights

(not to scale)
DescriptionOperating TemperatureInput Voltage, V
Power (W)Current (A)Maximum
Power FactorCRIColor Temp.
LED Emitting
Weight lbs [kg] Approx.Weight, lbs [kg] Approx.
CALL 800-579-4875LEDSTR240-2-4LR
(T8 Fix,Strip,2 Row,4' - REV. CAR)
Volume Discount Thru Distributorno lens‡ Test results with 2 LED48T8SM-192x2-XPW-001WA tubes90~290Vac
‡ 37.0 W‡ 0.212 A‡ -- cd‡ ---- lm‡ --‡ 0.99‡ --‡ 5000K to 5600K ‡ Pure White---° × ---°4.64lb [2.1kg] no tubes6.63 lbs [3.01kg] with tubes
Eng File:Engineering File 
Brochure:(brochure photometrics show old tubes) Brochure 
 Electrical / Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)
‡‡Full Beam Width at 50% Intensity

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.


  • Two Year Fixture Warranty
  • Specification Grade Strip for LED T8 Light Tube
  • Heavy Duty Safety Switch
  • 22-Gauge, Cold-Rolled Steel Housing
  • Screw-On End Caps
  • Cover Secured by Two Quarter Turn Fasteners
  • Available in Row Mounting with Channel Couplings
  • ETL Listed / Conforms to UL Standard1598 - SUB 8750
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