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LED Traffic Light Arrows, 12" (300mm) 120VAC Type-2
Sunlight-Visible, Direct-Replacement, Energy-Efficient
There are no known ITE or Caltrans LED Traffic Arrow light specifications at this time.
Currently this product does not have CE or EN Certification

We do not offer the traffic light fixture.
We only offer the LED Replacement Bulbs
(also called LED Traffic Balls).

TRF22A Series   Type-2, LED 12" Arrow Traffic Lamp, 120VAC
Type 2 connection
Note: Outer rubber seal ring
supplied with module.

Dimensions in inches [mm]
Power Factor (PF): >0.9
Total Harmonic Distortion: 20%
IP Rating with Housing: IP34
IP Rating without Housing: IP65 IP34
Intensity loss due to
single LED failure:

Type-2 Connector Using Wire Leads w/ E26 25mm Edison Screw-in Base
Traffic Light Balls MUST BE MOUNTED in a fixed mounting application. Not intended for cable-suspended or swinging-pendant mounting applications.
  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
λp, nmLED ChipLens MaterialIntensity,
Power (W)Operating TemperatureSignal
, mm
Weight lbs [kg] Approx.LED Emitting

For Solar-Powered Applications 12VDC Is Available for Large Orders
Other Colors like White and Blue Are Available for Large Orders

TRF22AE Series   Type-2 LED Traffic Arrow Lamp with E27 Screw-In Euro Base
For large quantity orders and qualified applications this Series item can be manufactured to your specifications. Please email (click here) or call LEDtronics, (800) 579-4875.

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Major Energy Savings
  • Solid-State, High-Shock/Vibration Resistant
  • Conforms to Industry Standards
  • Lens Design Improves Brightness
  • Lamps Can be Retrofitted into Existing Traffic Housings
  • UV-Resistant Polycarbonate Unit Eliminates Dust/Dirt Buildup
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Green
  • Very Low Power Consumption, Super Intensity
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-40°F to ~+165°F [~-40°C to ~+74°C]
    (Meets the ITE VTCSH spec requirement)
  • Traffic Signal Lights
  • Traffic Warning Lights
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Road Closure Signs
  • Tunnel Warning Lights