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LED Plant Light-Bar Advantages:

The original LED-PlantBar offers many advantages to the indoor plant enthusiast. With its energy savings, lower operating costs, small size, and light weight, LED-PlantBars bring a new versatility to plant growing.

Lower Costs - The LED-PlantBar can save you money!

  • Less Energy Use Conventional grow lights consume between 100 watts and 1,000 watts of power to operate. Each LED-PlantBar uses less-than 2 watts of power. This energy savings becomes more and more important as energy costs continue to rise. On average, LED grow lights use 33-times less energy than comparable metallic vapor lights (based on 3 LED-PlantBars per 400 watt MH light). Three LED-PlantBars, used 16-hours per day, at $0.10 per KilowattHour, will cost about $21 per year to operate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that every Kilowatt of energy produces 1.5 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2). The EPA estimates that for every 7,300 lbs of CO2 prevented is equivalent to planting one acre of trees. Based on these EPA estimates, each 400 watt metallic vapor light replaced by LED-PlantBars will yield a savings in energy-produced CO2 equivalent to planting nearly ½ acre of trees per year.

  • Longer Bulb Life Typical LED lifetime is 20,000 – 100,000 hours. This is ten to fifty times longer than typical glass grow light bulb life expectations. Replacing glass bulbs every year adds a lot to the expense of a growing system. With the LED-PlantBar you won't be changing expensive bulbs every year.

  • No Ballast Fluorescent tubes and metallic vapor lamps all need a ballast to operate, and ballasts eventually burn out and must be replaced. The LED-PlantBar doesn't need a ballast, eliminating this recurring cost from your growing system.

  • No Reflector Conventional glass envelope grow lights emit light in all directions. In order to use as much of this light for plant growth as possible, these lights are generally fitted with bulky, unattractive reflectors to direct light back toward the plants. With LEDs the reflectors are build right into the LEDs themselves, so no secondary reflector is needed. Almost all of the light generated by the LEDs in the LED-PlantBar is directed straight at your plants.

  • Less Waste Heat Conventional grow lights are very hot, running from several hundred degrees to over fourteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit at the bulb's surface. This excess radiated heat output adds to the cost to cool your home or office. Our grow lights are merely warm to the touch, even after operating for hours, greatly reducing your supplemental cooling costs.

  • Targeted Light Output: Unlike "broad spectrum" plant grow lights, which produce a lot of light plants can't use efficiently, LED-PlantBars only deliver the colors of light used by plants for efficient and healthy growth. By leaving out light plants don't need, we provide still more energy savings over conventional plant grow lights.

Greater Safety - LED-PlantBars are safer to use in your home or office!*

  • Lower Voltage Unlike conventional grow lights, which operate on 120 VAC at the bulb, LED-PlantBars run typically on less than twenty volts at the bulb. This fact greatly reduces risk or fire or injury, especially in wet growing environments.

  • Lower Burn and Fire Risk The high heat generated by a typical metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp is more than enough to ignite nearby combustible objects such as paper or cloth. Their reflectors often get very hot as well and can cause severe burns if they are accidentally touched. Our LED-based grow lights operate at just a few degrees above room temperature. Just slightly warm to the touch while running, LED-PlantBars are safer to use around children and pets.

  • Light Weight LED-PlantBars have no bulky reflector or heavy ballast, and weigh only a few ounces. The ballast of a standard metallic vapor lamp, on the other hand, can weigh up to fifty pounds requiring special consideration when fitted to a reflector and hung from a ceiling. LED grow lights are easy to place around your valuable plants, without the risk of heavy objects falling from your ceiling!

  • Less Fragile The glass bulbs of other grow lights are very fragile. The LED-PlantBar has no glass parts, and is much harder to break.

  • Less Environmental Hazard Metallic vapor and fluorescent lamps all contain mercury, a heavy metal identified by the U.S. Government as hazardous to the environment and our landfills. LED-PlantBars contain no mercury.

Friendly To Your Plants and Home...

  • No "White Light" Glare Other plant grow lights use technologies generally used to light rooms and buildings, which makes them very bright to the human eye. The LED-PlantBar delivers light that is very bright to plants, but relatively dim to people. Your plants get what they need without the "white light" glare you don't want, making our grow lights welcome in your kitchen and living room, instead of your basement.

  • Plants Stay Cooler There are two types of plants, those whose chemistry works better in hot weather, like corn, and those who like it cooler, like most plants you'd choose to grow indoors. Most cooler growing plants shut down when it gets too hot to avoid losing more water than they can bring up from their roots. The LED-PlantBar gives your plants all the light they need, without the heat of conventional grow lights, letting them grow quickly at room temperature.

  • Cuttings Root More Easily The leaves of plant cuttings are often snipped in half to reduce water loss until new roots are formed. For cuttings of many types of plants, this isn't necessary when using the LED-PlantBar. Since your cuttings aren't wilting under the heat of the sun or conventional grow lights they can keep their leaves to speed new root growth.

  • Lower Chance of Heat Induced Root Damage Plant roots don't like to be hot, and potted plants left in direct sun are prone to root damage where sunlight heats the surface of the pot. The same damage can occur in closed rooms with hot, conventional grow lights and inadequate ventilation. The LED-PlantBar operates at such a low temperature that incidental root damage is unlikely.

  • Less Watering Using the LED-PlantBar, your plants will transpire less, letting you extend the time time between watering cycles. If you need to leave your plants unattended for a few days they'll have a better chance of surviving if their grow lights aren't drying them out.

  • Good News for Terrariums and Other Plants Grown "Under Glass" Plants with high humidity requirements, like African Violets, ferns, and many carnivorous plants, are commonly grown in Terrariums, also called Wardian Cases. Unfortunately, the combination of high humidity with the heat from most light sources, either the sun or conventional grow lights, causes a great deal of condensation on the inner surface of the glass, obscuring your view of the plants inside. By using LED-PlantBars to light your Terrariums no heat is added, over 85% of the light from the LED-PlantBar passes through to your plants, and the glass