LED Bulbs, Wedge Base, T1¾ (5mm) for Annunciators
Right-Angled Beam to Bulb Orientation
Direct Incandescent Replacement — Up to 90% Energy Savings
Replaces Incandescents: 56, 79, 84, 86 (5V) 18, 37, 73, 74 (12/14V) 17, 85 (24/28V)
Replaces this incandescent bulb.

◄ Illustration depicts red, yellow, white, and green LED bulbs illuminating white opaque lightboxes. For the best results with colored lightboxes, use an LED bulb of the same color as the box, not a white LED bulb.

(Control panel annunciator housing not included)

White LED technology is patent protected in the US. LEDtronics White LED products are covered under these patents.

WR202 Series   Dual-LED Rt-Angled Wedge, 22° beam
All dimensions in inches [mm]

Dual-LED Right-Angle Illumination, Sunlight-Visible, 28Volt DC
  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
Power (W)Current (A)Maximum
Color Temp.
λp, nmLED Emitting

‡‡Full Beam Width at 50% Intensity

Other Voltages available for large orders
Other Beam Angles available for large orders

WR200 Series   Single-LED Wedge
For large quantity orders and qualified applications this Series item can be manufactured to your specifications. Please email (click here) or call LEDtronics, (800) 579-4875.
All dimensions in inches [mm]

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Fast turn on/off time. I.C. compatible
  • No filament to break from shock or age, 100,000 hour lifespan of LEDs (50,000 hours, white LEDs)
  • LED bulb generates much less heat than incandescents
Options:  For qualified applications and large quantity orders
  • Other voltages available
  • Bicolor versions
    Replaces Incandescents: 56, 79, 84, 86 (5V) 18, 37, 73, 74 (12/14V) 17, 85 (24/28V)