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LED Candle, Flameless, Flickers Like a Real Candle
Lasts Several Days on a Set of Batteries
No Hot Wax - No Fire Hazard — No Wind Effect
LED Candle,
No Flame no Fire, Safe...
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LED-CANDLE Series   Life-like Flame
CAUTIONARY NOTE: for LED-CANDLE-002W Gently slide the LED candle into the candleholder as dropping it in too quickly may break through the bottom of the glass holder

  Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  
PRICEMIN BUYDescriptionBatteries
Weight of
Candle Packaging
Operation Time -
Continuously on a Set
of Batteries
LED Emitting
Candle Holder
(5 Candle Pack)
Sale Item
(Sale Terms & Conditions)
1 1red,1yel,1grn,1blu,1white: & 5 holders/package2 alkaline AAA Batteries (not included)1lb, 2.6oz. [527grams]8 days (192 hours)  Lifelike FlameFrosted Glass (See Fragility Warning)Red,Yel,Blu,Grn,Wht
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  • Flame flickers like real candle
  • No smoke or carcinogens to worry about
  • No fire hazard or burning
  • No hot wax to deal with
  • No flame to blow out in the wind
  • Typical LED lifetime 100,000 hours
  • Comes with frosted candle holders
  • LED and battery case is ABS plastic
  • Small on/off switch
    For LED-CANDLE-001 candles:
    Battery panel opens by pushing outward on a tiny projecting knob on the upper candle rim
    For LED-CANDLE-002W, and -003W candles: Panel located on the bottom of the candle
  • Safe portable night light
  • Window displays
  • Ideal for decor ambiance mood lighting
  • Restaurant/club candle table light
  • Ideal for night party candle lights around garden, pools, decks, or patios
  • LED Candle Unit may be suitable for other candle holders
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