Thursday, December 20, 2012

Faces of LEDtronics: Pervaiz Lodhie

By LEDtronics, Inc.

Plato once said that “necessity is the mother of invention”; and in the case of LEDtronics and founder Pervaiz Lodhie, It has never been more truthful. It was inside the garage of his Torrance, California home in 1983 that Pervaiz Lodhie recognized the necessity of a solution to the inadequacies of filament based light bulbs. As an mechanical engineer by trade and a resourceful innovator by nature, Pervaiz recognized the immense efficacy of light emitting diodes for illumination. After a casual meeting at a Denny’s restaurant in Los Angeles with a writer for Electronic Products magazine Pervaiz says: “the rest was history”. Read on to find out more about Pervaiz Lodhie, and his dream to revolutionize the lighting industry one application at a time.

What inspired you to create LEDtronics and how long ago was it? What sparked your interest in this industry in the beginning?

In 1983 I recognized the major issues plaguing the lighting industry. Filament based bulbs held a monopoly over both indicator & illuminator applications, but a host of issues like high failure rate, extreme energy use, and sensitivity to environmental factors hindered them significantly. With a background in mechanical engineering and real world experience working with light emitting diodes (LED), I set out to adapt LED technology from indicator to illuminator. Along with my wife Almas I began LEDtronics from my garage in Torrance, CA. I sought out specific applications that LED could be applied to, and developed solutions for them. With a vision of one day replacing all conventional lighting technologies with LED, I passionately innovated new ways of adapting LED as a means of lighting, quietly leading at the forefront of the advancement of LED lighting technology.

What do you feel makes LEDtronics the great company that it is? What separates it from competitors?

I strongly feel that LEDtronics’ unique ability to provide a solution very quickly without sacrificing quality is what makes it the great company it is today. By truly listening to customers and providing just-in-time development, manufacturing, and working prototypes, LEDtronics focuses on satisfying their customers each and every time. With a loyal family of coworkers, I can confidently state that the company has a unique ability to work together while staying on top of the latest technologies.

How does LEDtronics differ today from what it was when you first created it?

The lighting industry is always changing, and LEDtronics itself is on its third reinvention. Now with the development of new and improved white light LED products, our company’s focus is on this new product revolution. Energy conservation and environmental protection are more important today than they ever have been, and my LEDtronics team is dedicated to developing the safest, most efficient LED light bulbs possible.

Describe an average day at work for you.

These days I prefer to stay closely connected to new designs and products. I continue to stay tightly knit with the R&D and its efforts to find new solutions, and I am constantly looking for new applications for LED lighting. I pride myself on being an out-of-the-box thinker; a trait that many feel contributes to the success of LEDtronics. I also find data analysis to be crucial in the development of new products, and I am constantly pouring over historical data both industry and LEDtronics to aid in the research of future technologies.

What is your view of the future of LEDtronics and the LED Lighting Industry?

I believe that LEDtronics will continue to bring positive change to the world. Through a myriad of factors such as global environmental concerns, sustainability, and even the empowerment of the poor through my own philanthropic programs, I have a vision of LED helping to shape the world into a better place. I also recognize that solar energy and LED are an “absolute magical mix”, and feel that when these two technologies are combined many of the important issues facing humanity can be eradicated.

Tell me about your personal values in regards to work that transcends to your home and family.

In the 30 years that I have owned LEDtronics, I have remained extremely disciplined in my balance between work and family. I avoid making mistakes, but love creating positive results from lessons learned from mistakes. My true priority has always been family, and that is one thing that will never change.

When not at work what do you enjoy to do in your spare time?

I love great food, family time, and watching movies. Due to my son Shaan I have become a huge Lakers basketball fan, and watch their games as often as possible with my son. Keeping up with the politics of the world, and working on the education of the poor through various philanthropic programs that I am deeply involved in such as my “Pehli Kiran” First Ray of Light Initiative that brings light to rural areas of Pakistan in order to positively impact the recipients of our Solar LED lantern socio-economic status. This program also aims to increase the opportunities for boys and girls to study at night which is difficult in many rural areas because of limited or no access to an electric grid.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Light Viewing, Episode 2: How LEDtronics protects the masterpieces

By LEDtronics, Inc.

Every museum and gallery relies on specific lighting techniques to properly showcase an artists’ work or a historical artifact. The lighting must be designed methodically to offer the best possible appearance to the guests without degrading the article in any way. Historically museums and galleries have used incandescent light bulbs as means for illuminating their exhibits. However technology has progressed significantly since incandescent bulbs were introduced.

LEDtronics has been at the forefront of this innovation since well before the LED bulb made its debut in museums and galleries. LED technology offers a myriad of benefits for museums and galleries alike.

The LED bulb is far more efficient than conventional lighting technologies like incandescent. So efficient in fact that by using LED bulbs there is potential to cut energy costs in half. Maintenance is also a concern, as the constant swapping of spent bulbs is extremely time consuming and expensive. With 50,000 hours of rated life span, LEDtronics LED bulbs will save time and money.

Perhaps the biggest concern for museums and galleries is the protection of their exhibits. Many factors can lead to the damage or degradation of artwork, the most significant being lighting. Lighting is a contributing source of many damaging components such as heat and UV light. This heat, in conjunction with damaging UV rays has the potential to cause fading or other damage. In the past lighting designers have had to sacrifice luminosity for preservation, but not anymore. LED lighting produces half the heat of incandescent, and does not emit any UV radiation. LEDs also allow lighting designers to choose between a broad range of color temperatures, allowing them to more accurately portray the color of a piece.

LEDtronics has been involved in the retrofitting and implementation of LED lighting into museums across the US for many years. To find out we can provide you with a solid state lighting solution for your application, contact us today. LEDtronics, creating the future of light since 1983.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Light Viewing, Episode 1: What Makes Solid State LED the Best Lighting Solution Around?

By LEDtronics, Inc.

Since long before the light bulb was ever in existence humans have relied on lighting as one of the necessary components of life. As time has progressed we have innovated new ways to meet the rapidly growing need for more light. For over 100 years we have utilized incandescent lamps to provide illumination for our daily lives. However this growing demand has necessitated an improvement to the technology and solid state LED has answered the call.

The United States is facing many unique and complex challenges, according to the Department of Energy, including “revitalizing our economy, strengthening our energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” They go on to say that “solid state lighting is an emerging technology with the potential to address all three of these challenges.

LED itself is not a new technology, as they have been used for indicators and other small uses for many years. But using LEDs as sources of lighting is a relatively new concept, and the technology is progressing rapidly. Lighting currently consumes 13% of all energy in the United States. Solid state lighting promises ten times the efficiency of incandescent, and has the potential to reduce lighting energy use by nearly one half. Higher efficiency equals less greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of 40 million cars being taken off the road, fewer power plants, and less dependency on natural resources. And with virtually no mercury content and no IR or UV radiation, LEDs are extremely environmentally friendly. All of this is great, and addresses the concerns of the nation and the environment…but what about the consumer?

We know that LED lighting consumes far less power than its counterparts, and with less consumption comes decreased energy bills. But the savings don’t stop there. LEDtronics products are rated for at least 50,000 hours of working light, requiring significantly less maintenance and hassle.

The initial investment of LED lighting is higher than some other technologies, but it is just that: an investment, but one that rewards with a significant ROI. By using solid state lighting technology you are investing in your business, the economy, and the world.

Find out how LEDtronics can provide a solid state lighting solution for you, contact us today. “LEDtronics, creating the future of light since 1983.”

Monday, November 05, 2012

Eco-Friendly CFL-Replacing LED Lamps Offer Energy Reduction up to 70 Percent, Greater Longevity & Shock Resistance

By LEDtronics, Inc.

Torrance, Calif., Oct. 26, 2012 — LEDtronics®, Inc., the industry’s most innovative LED lamp manufacturer for almost 30 years, announces a family of CFL-style, right-angle-illumination LED lamps with dual- or quadpin GX23, G24Q and G24D bases. The LEDGX23D, LEDG24Q and LEDG24D series is available in any combination of 5 or 7 watts; two popular voltage ranges of 120-to-240VAC and 240-to-277VAC; white colors 2800K ‘Halogen’ White, 3200K Warm White or 4100K Natural White; different base styles, and different configurations and numbers of pins.

Offering greater longevity and shock resistance than compact fluorescent lamps, the LEDtronics series of LED lamps replace CFLs in all directional lighting applications, such as lanterns beaming light away from the wall, wall sconces beaming light in one primary direction, ceiling lights beaming 90° down, uplights beaming skyward, and ambient, accent or artwork lighting in showrooms, galleries, labs, utility rooms, etc. They provide illumination at a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees.

The CFL-replacing series of LED lamps are available in configurations that consume only 5 watts and replace CFLs up to 13 watts, or use 7 watts and replace CFLs up to 23 watts, effectively reducing energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Depending on color temperature and bulb wattage, the lamps provide around 350 to 575 lumens of directional light.

The solid-state design of the LED lamps renders them impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. They boast faster turn-on and reaction time compared to compact fluorescent lamps yet provide comparable luminous intensity and pure wavelength light for a more uniform and steady illumination with neither halation nor flickering. In typical applications they provide sharper, higher intensity illumination and better visibility than standard lamps and achieve full brightness more rapidly.

Built with a dedicated LED driver with PWM constant current supply to ensure longer operating lifespan and to minimize brightness deterioration due to overdriven LEDs, the lamps are rated at 50,000 hours MTBF, and their rugged but lightweight aluminum housing helps dissipate heat, keeping them cool. Their long life and reliability in a wide range of operating temperatures lower costs by reducing re-lamp frequency, while their cool operation translates into less load on air conditioning. The clear acrylic lens cover shields the lamps against accidental impact, in contrast to the dangers of breaking glass associated with CFLs.

As well, unlike the CFLs, the LED lamps are environment-friendly—they contain neither mercury nor lead, and they do not emit harmful radiation such as ultraviolet light.

The LEDtronics CFL-replacement series of LED lamps come with a 3-year U.S. manufacturer's warranty and are retail priced at $37.75 to $41.50. They are available in production quantities in 3 to 5 days, with samples and/or prototype quantities available to qualified customers in 1 week.

For technical information or for custom design and/or manufacturing needs, contact the company at 310-534-1505, e-mail at, or postal mail at LEDtronics, Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505. Visit our website at

About LEDtronics® Based in Torrance, California, LEDtronics, Inc., since 1983 has been a world leader in designing, manufacturing and packaging Solid State Lighting products and state-of-the-art LEDs to meet the world’s constantly changing lighting needs—from industrial control panel LED indicator lights to solid-state LED street lights, from direct incandescent- replacement based LED bulbs to direct fluorescent-replacement T8 LED tube lamps.

More product technical information is available online:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LEDtronics Did You Know Episode 11: We have a USA based manufacturing facility.

By LEDtronics, Inc.

LEDtronics has been manufacturing LED lighting in the United States for over 30 years. Often LED manufacturers claim to be based in the USA, but in reality they may only have a sales or distribution facility. Our USA based facility follows the strict guidelines of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Section 1605, on designated USA Made products. This applies to many of our popular products such as the T8 tube light, street lighting, and post-top lamps.

Being based in the United States allows us to provide far more effective service and technical support than our overseas competitors. When purchasing lighting products from overseas suppliers one generally must settle for many unknowns. By utilizing LEDtronics for your lighting needs you have the advantage of onsite engineering; especially useful for applications requiring retro-fitting.

In addition you have the peace of mind of on-site assistance and a USA based customer service. Don't subject your project to the risks of overseas suppliers. LEDtronics has been operating in the US since 1983, and strives to not only fulfill our customer's current needs...but anticipate their future needs as well.

We are committed both to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices, as well as supporting US workers and the economy. To find out how LEDtronics can fulfill your needs, contact us today. Then join us on any of these social networks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Solutions: Retail Profits Increase with LEDtronics LED Solution

By LEDtronics, Inc.

Proper lighting can make or break a retail business. Appealing to the customer is an important consideration when lighting is being developed for a retail business. LED lighting offers high-quality, directional lighting at a variety of available color temperatures. But allure is one of many aspects that LED lighting truly strives in a retail environment.

Constantly changing lamps in a retail store creates a huge hassle for the business owner, not to mention a considerable expense from frequently purchasing replacements. By utilizing LED lighting in their application, retail businesses can reduce maintenance costs and inconveniences. LEDtronics LED lamps have an extremely long life cycle with over 50,000 hours of consistent use, far exceeding both fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

For any retail store, cost savings are important. By utilizing LED technology, retail stores are able to achieve up to 80% energy savings over fluorescent and incandescent. LED technology also reduces heat output considerably, increasing the efficiency of the store air conditioning. These are benefits both to the wallet and the environment.

Retail lighting also has several special considerations, and an LED solution solves each of them. Insects are attracted to UV and IR light, obviously far from ideal for a food or clothing store. LED lighting has negligible UV and IR output, meaning insects are not attracted to their light. UV light is also the cause of color fading present at many retail stores, but with LEDs it is no longer an issue.

LEDtronics recognizes the complexities of lighting a retail establishment, and has developed a technology that creates one, simple solution: LED.

To find out how LEDtronics can assist you with a solution for your application, contact us today!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Faces of LEDtronics: Meena Zehra

By LEDtronics, Inc.

What inspired you to work for LEDtronics and how long ago was it?

About 22 years ago I was approached by Almas Lodhie to see if I was interested in working for LEDtronics. Of course I said yes-went in for an interview with Pervaiz Lodhie and was hired as a part time employee. Initially I performed basic tasks like cutting out leads and pasting them on paper, sending them to reps, and doing data entry. Eventually I became a full time employee, and received all of the training necessary to do purchasing from Mr. Lodhie. Pervaiz has been a total inspiration for me and I have great respect for him.

What do you feel makes LEDtronics the great company that it is? What separates it from competitors?

I consider myself very lucky to be working for LEDtronics. The employees here are like one big, happy (and hardworking) family. LEDtronics is separated from competition by their excellent service and their vast variety of quality products at reasonable prices. 22+ years have gone by in a flash!

What are your roles at LEDtronics? Describe an average day at work for you.

I am in the materials department where I perform a buyer’s duties, place purchase orders with the vendors, negotiate on the pricing, etc.

What do you hope to accomplish at LEDtronics in the future?

I would like to implement a back up supplier system for must-have products that are used in large quantities.

Tell me about your values in regards to work. What about home?

At work I value honesty, loyalty and dedication.
At home I value love, mutual trust, and understanding.

Tell me about your family.

I am originally from Pakistan where I come from a large family.—six sisters and one brother. My mother lives in Islamabad which is the capital city of Pakistan. I moved to Los Angeles after getting married. Two of my sisters are living in the states—one in Princeton, NJ and the other one in Washington DC where they work for the World Bank.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

Reading, going shopping and watching TV.

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