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LED Light Bulb, S11 Bulb, E12 Base, DecorLED™ 270º, Frosted

Consumes Only 1.3Watts — Compares with a 10Watt Incandescent
Available in Colored Clear, Frosted White, Colored Frosted

Direct Incandescent Replacement — Up to 90% Energy Savings

Ideal for use with Alternate or Renewable Energy Resources like Solar & Wind Power

Major Reduction in Energy Use, Reduces Light Pollution, "Dark Skies" Initiative Friendly
Actual Size, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Frosted S11 Styled Bulbs
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • ISO 9001

  • Part Number: DEC-S11F-xxW-120A
  • Beam Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Base: 26mm E26 Edison Screw
  • Lens: Polycarbonate, UV-Protected
  • Ambient Temp. Range: ~-22°F to ~+122°F [~-30°C to ~+50°C]
  • Dimensions: Dia Ø1.33” x L1.97” (DØ33.8mm x L50.0mm)
  • Weight: 0.028 lb / 12.7 g

  • Efficiency: Low Power Consumption / High Intensity
  • Low Maintenance: No Filaments to Break; Lowers Costs by Reducing Re-lamp Frequency
  • Cool Operation: Doesn’t GetHot to the Touch – Reduces Air-Conditioning Loads, Minimizes Fire Hazard
  • Eco-Friendly: No Mercury, No Lead Content
  • No Hazardous Emissions: No UV or IR Radiation / No RF Interference
  • Even Lighting: High Intensity / No Halation

[For qualified applications & large-quantity OEM orders]
  • Other Voltages – 12/14V, 24/48V, 240VAC
  • Other LED Colors – Cool White, Red, Blue, Aqua Green, Yellow
  • Other Bases: European E27
  • Other Lens Colors Available – Frosted Colored, Tinted Colored, Clear Lens with Color LEDs

Incandescent Lumens & Spherical Candle Power (SCP) for Reference
Incandescent Total Lumens Spherical Candela Incandescent Total Lumens Spherical Candela
11Watt, S14, Yellow, Diffused 48 3.9 15Watt, A15, White Frosted 90 6
11Watt, S14, Red, Diffused 12 1.0 25Watt, G16-1/2, Clear 169 13.5
11Watt, S14, Green, Diffused 3.7 0.29 25Watt, A15, White, Diffused 179 14
11Watt, S14, Clear 65 5.2 25Watt, A15, White, Frosted 101 8
11Watt, S14, White, Diffused 44 3.5 40Watt, A19, White, Frosted 490 39
7.5Watt, G11, Red, Diffused 5.4 0.43 60Watt, A19, White, Frosted 820 48
7.5Watt, G11, Blue, Diffused 0.92  0.07 60Watt, A19, Clear 870 58
Patent # Des. 434,510

White LED technology is patent protected in the US. LEDtronics White LED products are covered under these patents.

When Installing Lamps In Potentially Corrosive Outdoor Environments

LEDtronics suggests that a silicone moisture-barrier sealant be used to protect the metal-threaded base of the LED bulb.

Sealant is highly recommended for all outdoor-environment LED bulb installations to prevent water and/or moisture incursion that can lead to premature degradation of the bulb base and eventual bulb failure. This is especially recommended for LED bulb installations near saltwater bodies.

Dow Corning Molykote® 111 Compound (Valve Lubricant and Sealant) is a high-temperature, moisture-resistant, silicone grease. If liberally applied to the clean surface of the lamp socket and the base of the lamp itself, it will provide moisture and corrosion resistance.

Dow Corning's® material spec sheet for Molykote® 111 Valve Lube & Sealant

Frosted S11 Bulb w/ E12 Candelabra Screw Base

PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
Power (W)Current (A)Maximum
CRIOperating TemperatureColor Temp.
LED Emitting
View ProductDEC-S11F-SIW-120A
(120Vac,Warm White,Fros)
Sale Item
(Sale Terms & Conditions)
1 120Vac1.2West. 0.020 A-- cdest. 37.8 lmest. 47 l/w--~-30°C to ~+50°C2800K to 3200K  Warm White
CALL 800-579-4875Volume Discount Thru Distributor
Electrical / Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)
PRICEMIN BUYInput Voltage, V
Power (W)Current (A)Maximum
CRIOperating TemperatureColor Temp.
LED Emitting
CALL 800-579-4875DEC-S11F-TPW-120A
Volume Discount Thru Distributor120Vac1.2W0.020 A7.7 cd51.8 lm65 l/w70~73~-30°C to ~+50°C4800K to 5200K  True White
Photometrics: PDF  IES File 
Eng File:Engineering File 
 Electrical / Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)

Colored-Frosted S11 Bulb; E12 Candelabra Base

For large quantity orders and qualified applications this Series item can be manufactured to your specifications. Please email (click here) or call LEDtronics, (800) 579-4875.

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.


  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Major Power Savings: Consumes Only 1 Watt, Compares with 10W-12W Incandescents
  • Construction: Polycarbonate, UV-Protected Bulb
  • Solid-State: High-Shock & High-Vibration Resistant
  • Long LED Operating Life: Up to 50,000+ Hours
  • Moisture Resistant: For Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Easy Installation: Using Existing E26 Edison Screw-in Fixtures
  • Wide Ambient Temp. Range: ~-22°F to ~+122°F


  • Wall Sconces & Lanterns
  • Chandelier and Other Decorative Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Signs and Marquees
  • String Lighting