Friday, April 20, 2012

LEDtronics LED Post Top Lamps - Benefits & Advantages

By LEDtronics, Inc.


  • LED Post Top pendent bulbs saves energy
  • Longer Lifespan than MH or Other HID Lamps
  • Maintenance-Free for over 5 Years of Operation
  • No Wasted Light: Reduces Light Pollution; “Dark Skies” Initiative-Compatible – Eliminates Light Intrusion into Offices, Residences...
  • Enhances Vision: Better Optical Acuity – Little or No Glare as Compared with High Glare from HID Lamps
  • No Ultraviolet Emission: Does Not Attract Insects

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LEDtronics Customer Review by Robert

By LEDtronics, Inc.

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Summary: 19W 12V LED Panel Light for Solar Applications

Review: Solar Wind Energy LLC of central PA tested the LEDtronics 19W 12V LED Panel Light for Solar Applications in our prototype "High Performance" Outdoor Pole Light design over the course of all four seasons in central PA. The Panel Light performed "as advertised" and provides an up scale appearance to our outdoor lighting system. We are rolling out our new product with confidence that we have selected the perfect lamp for our application. Great job LEDtronics!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did You Know: LEDtronics is a USA Manufacturer of LED Lighting Products

By LEDtronics, Inc.

LEDtronics has been a USA Manufacturer of LED lighting products since 1983. From the beginning, CEO and President, Pervaiz Lodhie made a strategic decision to resist the quick-fix mentality of moving overseas for cheap labor. He committed himself to building a company that values domestic jobs, USA manufactured products and the quality customer service that comes from having a US-based facility.

Since the 70's, United States based manufacturing has decreased by nearly 40%. While many of LEDtronics' competitors were moving production to overseas facilities, Pervaiz was formulating a plan he now calls the "Balanced Approach Manufacturing Solution." The plan nurtures the existing manufacturing facilities for products that are not profit and price sensitive. This allows LEDtronics to preserve vital US jobs and remain an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act compliant product manufacturer.

LEDtronics stands out from the competition by offering countless quality USA-made products, including their LED Cobrahead Street Lights and T8 Tube Lights. By maintaining US-based management, employment and customer service, LEDtronics is able to closely monitor the quality of their product and provide their customers with clear, immediate and personable assistance.

LEDtronics' philosophy was best described when Pervaiz said this:

"We strongly believed then as we do now that America's success in business was and should be today based not on quick fixes or quarterly-result pressures, but on utilizing the amazing innovative, creative and smart working skills and attitudes that Americans are best known for."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The LEDtronics Solution: Chicago’s Daley Plaza Fountain

By LEDtronics, Inc.

In Chicago’s bustling downtown, the Daley Plaza serves over 10,000 people each day. The fountain acts as the decorative centerpiece to the plaza, and is enjoyed by tourists and natives alike.

The in-ground fountain used standard incandescent bulbs that frequently burned out. Just one burned out bulb was an expensive issue. The city was constantly required to spend money on costly maintenance, since the fountain had to be completely drained every time a bulb needed to be replaced.

LEDtronics offered a solution that would both limit costly maintenance and provide savings with energy reduction. Two PAR36LED floodlight lamps were installed into the fountain as a yearlong test. The Public Commission of Chicago was pleased with the results and contracted LEDtronics to provide 108 bulbs for the pre-existing watertight fixtures.

Benefits of the PAR36 LED bulb:

  • Three-year lamp warranty
  • Drop-in replacement for 12/14VoltDC and 6VoltDC PAR36 incandescent lamps
  • Generates minimal heat
  • Solid-state, high-shock & vibration resistant
  • Low power (Wattage)
  • LED operating life: 50,000+ hours
  • PAR36-001 versions are moisture / dust resistant

The result was an 85% reduction in energy use and long lasting LED bulbs that are still in use today.

LEDtronics has been “Creating the Future of Light Since 1983 providing energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting products to customers. Through our innovative skills, we are able to address customers’ specific needs and provide expert technical assistance. If you are interested in learning more about saving through LED technology call us at (800) 579-4875.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Faces of LEDtronics: Bruce Johnson

By LEDtronics, Inc.

At Work

Research and Development Manager Bruce Johnson aids in propelling LEDtronics forward with new and innovative product designs. Bruce oversees electronic and mechanical design teams to create custom solutions for clients, as well as design new products to keep the company on the cutting edge of the lighting industry.

In his day-to-day work he interacts with suppliers, customers and other LEDtronics departments to provide support for any issues or obstacles. Bruce also reviews current projects, the status of product testing and evaluates product costs to determine pricing brackets.

Bruce has been with LEDtronics for six years and finds the most fulfillment in training and guiding new engineers in the ways of the lighting industry. “Anybody can design but only an engineer can design in a cost effective and reliable way,” says Bruce.

At Home

Bruce’s tech savvy at work also translates at home with his Ham radio hobby. He has his own station and uses his computer to transmit text through radio waves. When it is time for vacation, Bruce and his wife love to travel to exotic destinations like Hawaii, Tahiti and Bora Bora. “French Polynesia is our favorite because it is so unspoiled and clean.”

He also enjoys playing with his three grandchildren, ages 7, 9 and 11. After having sons, Bruce and his wife enjoy having granddaughters. Bruce shares, “I love playing with them and sometimes they help out in the kitchen.” Bruce sees his 11 year marriage, children and grandchildren as the greatest milestones in his life.

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